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DayZ & General Server Rules

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HIHB DayZ server rules page has been up for quite some time but links to it until now have been a bit obscure or so I've been told. So I will place a link here directly to the page.

There will be some additions to the server rules.

One being, that there will be no building of impenetrable camps. "Impenetrable" camps consist of building a camp in such a way that people cannot get into by conventional means. This creates an unfair advantage to the players that build the camp and we're not about unfair advantages on HIHB. Camps should always be at risk of being raided.

If we find an "impenetrable" camp we will dismantle it.

Bases blocked by vehicles are easily gotten into and are not "impenetrable", an improvised bow and some well placed arrows will do the job.

The HIHB DayZ server rules will be added to over time if/when we find things that are causing an unfair advantage, is detrimental to the general server population or is a complete exploit of game mechanics.

We'll remain... Never Dodgy, Always Legit!

HIHB DayZ Server Rules

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