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Scripted/Hacked M4's

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There has been reports going around about M4's being found at Heli crashes, this is false. M4's DO NOT spawn and it seems they've been scripted in if they have been used or found.

We're putting this warning out to the HIHB DayZ Server community. If you happen to encounter someone with an M4 report it immediately!
If you happen upon an M4, it is hacked/scripted in and it should be disposed of.

If anyone is caught with said M4 they WILL be banned no questions asked. Due to the nature of this item being hacked/scripted in we cannot and will not condone the use of such an item. The severity of the ban will be on a case by case basis and the duration varies from 24hrs to permanent.

Since this hack has come on the scene we have been scouring the logs for signs of M4 use. HIHB is here to provide a hack/script/cheat free gaming environment and we'll always back that up.

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