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Extended weapons manipulation and controls

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I believe that players should have more control over the firearms they can use, which deepens the experience, physicality of gunplay in DayZ and believability in general. Instead of commonly used LMB for shoot and R-key for generic reload in run and gun action games we introduced more complex behavior including manual operation with the receiver, or better said with the action mechanism of the gun.


In DayZ you may come across the different types of actions thorough the plethora of available firearms. Double, break, lever, bolt, pump, semi auto or full automatic actions, seems like we got covered most common ones. Regarding their operation mechanism they can be basically divided into two groups - manual and automatic actions thus R-key will work a bit different according where given weapon fall in.


R-key on manual actions is performing the operation of inserting the cartridge into the chamber by manually cycling the bolt, lever, sliding the pump or breaking the barrel, also launchers, bows and crossbow fits into that category. Probably snipers using bolt action rifles are most interested in this changes as they are not forced out from scope after shot is fired and can observe where it lands or where the target runs after. Revolvers are bit different and as the Russian roulette is a thing so there will be a cylinder roll action tied to R-key. Automatic operated weapons will have attached pulling the charging handle action to the R-key. Pressing the R-key can be used for ejection of whole magazine either attached or internal one. Also with this amount of control there is a possibility to implement the jamming of weapons I would like to see in game to add a need of weapon maintenance and cartridge selection. Unjamming will be performed with R-key which leads to ejection of faulty cartridge from chamber freeing the space for the next one. However, there is high chance that players will evaluate jamming feature as a bug if it's not clearly represented.


Removal of R-key for reloading just open space for more usage of quick slots. You will be able to chamber the gun from the pile and if have also internal magazine you will fed it thru this action where amount of cartridges in pile affect how many of them will be loaded in. Reloading will lead to simple switch of magazines between slot and weapon. Removing the reloading/chambering of weapons or feeding magazines from piles via drag and drop action within the inventory is not planned for removal yet. But it definitely needs to take some time preventing the advantage during combat and ideally with animations so others can clearly see what you are doing.


Currently the implementation is in progress and as these two systems cannot live along together we need to commit partial changes in. Thus be warned it can behave strangely or differently even on similar weapons in recent and upcoming releases until it's done.


You can see the very first showcase of it's early functionality in the video linked below:




What are your thoughts about these changes?


Feedback welcome!

[url={url}]View the full article[/url]

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