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St Pauli


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St Pauli    1
St Pauli

I'm new to this server, and I haven't had much contact with other players, but are there any server rules as such regarding KOS? I generally play in a friendly capacity, I don't shoot first, I'd rather interact with other players first, which, don't get me wrong, can end up in me getting my ass handed to me.

This isn't a whiney complaint here, I'm just gutted that a character I have had for over a week now, gets KOS while eating a feckin tin of tuna lol. 

If you read this and it was you who killed me, enjoy the spoils of my looting, I'll be back.

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JMan    376

Hey Pauli, there are no rules set as far as KOS. Do I think people should interact more rather than just KOS? Sure, but there are no hard set rules against it on HIHB servers.

DayZ is a harsh game and KOS happens unfortunately. You'll get them next time! ;)


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Virulentwaif    120

Hey @St Pauli I play on the almost, to completely, non-existent Australian server ( we do have a few locals, and a few randoms) but due to Australia's fantastic internet speed at the moment in my area due the the optic fibre cable getting put in which will hopefully up my internet speed 'fantastically :) (in joke mate you honestly have to live here to understand, Lithuania has a better Internet than we do :P). I have not even been able to get into Team speak let alone DayZ which has been giving me the shites. I went from playing with the guys on the American server on one game, to nothing, Ping kicked is horrible.

 KOS depends on the server, remember you do have human individuals, HiHB is not a RP server, you may be able to (if you get enough people together to fund a new server slot) set up a RP on on the EU DayZ HiHB Umbrella, but from what I found when the Australian wing of HiHb went through it's little hick up a while ago, and I was looking at Role playing servers, they simply were basically non-existent, there is one in the EU, but they are so anal about their signing up, if you ever step outside your original signup profile of your planned character you get kicked, and your $400 (Pounds obviously) is not refunded, I thought that was a bit much, and considering I wouldn't be able to play because my ping would be over 400 anyway :) . The best you can do is grab the basic gear and get away from the coast where all the parasitic spawn farmers live, at least the real DayZ players are more than likely to talk to you in the middle of Chernarus.

Let me say welcome to HiHb ! 

 Dont let the arseholes that dont want to talk get you down, you will meat a good group of people soon, Some of them are on the US server,  the crew that run under the name of the Misfits, @JMan of course,  infact most of Hihb are pretty rounded people, some sociopaths, but hey you have to have one or two :P .




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inquisitor(BSI)    14

Hiya St Pauli, we mostly play on the whitelist and the US server but a lot of our clan also run on the EU, so if your ever looking to run with someone, look me up on steam. jddunn31

We are pretty friendly most of the time in Clan Factions United (FU). We also participate in the Saturday night events if you are looking to try them out (they are on the US server).

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