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Found 7 results

  1. Players,Today on the dev blog we look at what we have updated in this week’s upcoming patch. Before we get to that I want to quickly explain what happened with the loot balance after the first monthly patch last week.To facilitate the custom game feature allowing users to change the balance of the loot in their games, we had to change the core loot system. When this new system was implemented, we missed a bug that altered the balance of weapons spawned in the world. We have now resolved this issue and the loot balance will be restored to how it was before the update last week. Going forward, we do intend to apply balance passes to the loot, and we will update you here on the dev blog when any of these passes are implemented.In case you missed it yesterday, we announced our first Charity Invitational[playbattlegrounds.com], which will be taking place next Thursday, May 4th. We are excited to help Gamers Outreach[gamersoutreach.org], and hope you will tune on in on Twitch and see some great streamers battle it out and raise funds for this worthy cause.Finally, next week the team will be taking a well-deserved week off, so there will be no weekly update. We will be back in the office on Monday May 8th refreshed and ready to push more updates your way!Now onto what we have changed for this week’s update!We will first roll this patch out to the test server tomorrow, Wednesday. No ETA for when this will happen yet, so stay tuned to our Twitter for updates!This patch will be deployed to the main servers on Thursday, April 27, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete. Early Access - Week 5 - Patch NotesClient Performance Improvement Improved the drop in FPS when firing a gun or driving a vehicle Gameplay Rolled back the item spawn balance Reduced the amount of health lost when a character is ejected from a flipping motorbike Bug fixes Fixed a bug that caused the door to open towards the player Fixed a bug causing incorrect lighting on the 2x scope Fixed a bug that caused loot to be not shown in the inventory when a character first obtained it Fixed a bug that caused crossbow attachments not to show up in the vicinity pane Fixed a bug that caused the sound to stutter See you in-game,PLAYERUNKNOWN
  2. Players, This week we roll out our first monthly patch. This patch will the first of many to address performance, fix bugs and add new content to the game. I must stress that we will not be able to fix all performance issues with a single patch. For this patch, we focused on stabilizing performance for all users, trying to ensure there would be less FPS drops, and improve performance for those with lower spec systems. Optimizing the game will take us time, and will continue all through early access, so please have patience while we work to improve the game experience for all players.We are opening a Test Server to better manage our updates and ensure stability before we push updates to the Live Servers. We will push each new update to this server on the Wednesday of the week, to allow a full days testing before updating the live servers. We will have the exact time you should expect this server to be online tomorrow, so stay tuned to our Twitter!We are aware that some of you are experiencing what appear to be memory leaks, and we will work on fixing this going forward, but over the last month, we have been concentrating on improving the performance for min spec systems, and stabilizing FPS for everyone no matter what their PC specs. We are still a relativity small team, so we must focus on one problem at a time right now. We are working to expand the team, but finding the right people with suitable experience and capabilities takes time, so please bear with us.Next I need to address a slight price change for the game in New Zealand. We’ve been seeing some abnormal patterns in our New Zealand sales. It turns out that due to the comparatively low price in New Zealand (roughly US$25) and the fact that gifting from New Zealand to other countries is not restricted the same as it is for other countries like China, Russia and Brazil, people seem to be exploiting the system. We have slightly raised the price to US$28 to combat this.I also want to address server lag once again. The lag you experience on the servers is not due to the hardware or size of the server, nor does it have to do with the number of players online. It is due to a networking issue with the core engine code, and it is something we are working hard to resolve, but it is not a simple issue to fix, so it will take us some time. Please bear with us and we will get it fixed as soon as we can.Finally, before we get to the patch-notes for this month’s update, I want to once again thank everyone for their support over the past month. We broke 100,000 concurrent users on Monday which is a huge milestone for any game and we wouldn’t have done this without the tremendous support of every player, so from all team here, a sincere thank you.This patch will be deployed for both clients and servers Thursday, April 20, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete.Early Access - Month 1 - Patch Notes Known issues The motorbike leans slightly to the right when being driven straight. The tires of the motorbike cannot be shot out at the moment [Non-English Players] There are some mistranslated in-game texts and they will be shown in English Client Performance Improvements Made some improvements to address the issue of FPS drops when opening the inventory UI Reduced the load on the CPU through instance rendering so that the GPUs can function to their full capabilities Made improvements to address the issue of FPS severely dropping when in the vicinity of Yasnaya, Polyana & Georgopol Rendering performance on PCs with minimum system requirements has been improved Graphic performance and quality on PCs with minimum system requirements has been improved Server Performance Improvements Performance improvements have been made with relation to the items spawned in the world Content Updates Added Vector SMG. A very powerful SMG most appropriate for short to mid-range combat that is spawned in the world Added Motorbike w/ sidecar. A sidecar-less version will be added in a future update Added a 2X Aimpoint scope Added a Ballistic Mask Added 3 new color variations for the Dacia Added the crossbow back into the game World Adjusted the density of environmental elements to be identical across all graphic options Adjusted object placement to address issues of characters getting stuck Adjusted placement of trees that were spawning inside houses or above the terrain Adjusted the frequency of thunder sound effects UI Revised certain system messages and item descriptions. Added descriptions for attachments The dead team-mate icon will now disappear after a certain time and distance when in team modes Map markers are now visible to all teammates Names of teammates now appear on the world map Gameplay You are now able to move sideways and backwards in the REVIVE state The REVIVE timer will no longer decrease when a team mate is attempting to revive you When attempting to revive a team mate, the reviving timer icon will now also be visible to the player being revived Adjusted the character position slightly when in the REVIVE state Made improvements to address the issue of characters shaking while being spectated You are now able to open the world map when spectating You can now view the casting bar when the teammate you are spectating uses heal and/or boost items You can no longer use heal and/or boost items when in water Action/Gunplay Adjusted the overall balance on all attachments Adjusted the overall balance on Assault Rifles We will continue to balance all weapons and attachments throughout Early Access Fixed the issue that caused cars to temporarily stop when their tires get shot out You can now sprint when in the crouch stance Fixed the issue of “Armed/Unarmed” state not being applied when there are delays in the server network The blood hit effect size now varies according to the weapon caliber You can now move when in aiming and/or scoping in the prone state Fixed an issue with the sitting position of the character in the back-right seat of the UAZ Fixed an issue with the position of the left hand when reloading the AWM Fixed an issue where aiming from vehicles was not accurate The positions of bullet hits are now the same for both yourself and the others Fixed an issue that caused the hit box for the head to be slightly larger than the actual head Adjusted the ragdoll physics for dead characters to be more natural Fixed an issue that caused the character to use the wrong aim offset when using the freelook function while holding a grenade Fixed an issue that caused the landing-from-a-high-altitude motion to seem awkward when holding a pistol Improved the quality of zoomed-in scope views Bolt actions are now triggered even after the final shot has been fired, so that you can starti re-firing as soon as reload is complete Added swimming animations to go upwards and downwards Fixed an issue that caused the reticle to appear even when in situations where you are not able to shoot Your character now uses a different animation when in crouch stance while holding a melee weapon Made improvements to the reload animations for the M249 Made improvements to the reload animations for the P1911 The muzzle flash is now brighter than before and is now visible from a longer distance Sound There are now sound effect differences for supersonic and non-supersonic bullet speeds Made adjustments so that the sound of the bullet flying through air doesn’t play when shots are fired from a short distance from your character You can now figure out what floor the opponents are at just by listening to their footsteps Adjusted the firing sound of the SKS in mid to long range combat Adjusted the volume of the footsteps Miscellaneous We have opened a test server to better manage our content and secure stability for our live environment updates Additional in-game texts have been localized Bug fixes Fixed a bug that caused some buildings to not be visible at long distance Fixed a bug that caused a knocked out player to be ejected in front of a vehicle. If knocked out in a vehicle, you will now be ejected to the side Fixed a bug that caused weapons to clip through walls Fixed a bug that caused the icons for certain “pants” items to not appear correctly Fixed a bug that caused the PLAYERUNKNOWN shoes to not render properly Fixed a bug that caused the hit effects to play at random Fixed a bug that caused bald characters to have hair Fixed a bug that caused disconnects after 5 minutes into a match See you in-game,PLAYERUNKNOWN
  3. Early Access Week 3 Update 13 APRIL - PLAYERUNKNOWN Players, Before we move onto what has changed in this week's two patches, I want to briefly talk about the reports of cheating within our game. Before we moved to early access, our core focus was on adding all the needed systems into the game. Now that this is mostly complete, we are focused on optimizing performance, and increasing security to ensure everyone plays fair. This is not a simple task, as tackling cheaters is a constant battle, but we are confident that over the coming weeks and months we can implement new measures to make it harder to cheat in the game. This week alone we closed two major holes that allowed current cheats access to the game, and as we move further through Early Access we will continue to track down and further secure the game from those that don't want to play fair. As with all games, talk of cheating is discouraged and will be removed from our public facing community forums, not to try to hide it from players, but rather to ensure that those that cheat get no exposure to the public, which is something most of them desire! We hope you understand this point, and bear with us as we work to clean up the game. Finally, in case you missed our announcement on Twitter, we have identified the cause of lag seen on the servers lately and are working on getting it resolved. This issue is not an easy fix, as it involves changes to the core engine code, and will take us some time to complete. We have no ETA on when this will be resolved just yet, so we ask for your patience while we fix the problem. Now onto what we have updated. These patch notes cover both updates pushed during this week. This patch will be deployed for both clients and servers Thursday, April 13, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete. Config Changes Fixed configuration files (ini) so that it cannot be used to hide trees, grass, etc. Prevented adjusting the FOV by changing the game settings file (ini). FOV will be adjustable from the settings menu in-game in a future update. Sound Fixed an issue with door sounds playing at low volume Adjusted volume of wind, rain, and footsteps Improved the sounds for the buggy When in rainy weather, you will now sporadically hear thunder sounds Bug Fixes Added more support for non-standard aspect ratios. The game will now display at the correct FOV on aspect ratios ranging from 4:3 to 21:9. Multi-monitor environments such as Eyefinity are not recommended at this time. Fixed an issue with the compass direction not displaying correctly See you in-game, PLAYERUNKNOWN
  4. Community Announcements - PLAYERUNKNOWN Players, Today I want to address some of the standout issues you have reported, and what we are doing to improve server performance. First though, in case you missed it last week, here is our plan for updates during Early Access: Weekly updates, to push bug fixes & client performance and stability fixes. Monthly updates, to add new content and push balance passes for game-play. Client Optimization We will push our first client optimization patch in our monthly update later this month. We understand some of you are not having the best experience when playing the game, and we are committed to improving performance for all players, but the optimization process takes time, so please bear with us as we complete it. Sounds As we work on the sound system in-game, there may be unforeseen issues due to changes we make at a low level. One of these, which a lot of you reported, was footstep sounds. This issue occurred due to our adding of an occlusion system to footstep sounds. Due to a miscalculation of how much these sounds would be occluded, footsteps ended up being very hard to hear. This has now been fixed, and with the new occlusion system it should be much easier for you to track a player’s movement using sound alone. Regarding where you are being shot from, we are looking into why this is a problem for some of you, and we will continue to push updates and improvements to these systems! Server Performance We are very aware of the issues you have seen on our servers over the last week, and we have been working hard to resolve them. Simply put, this is not any issue with the number of servers we have for players, but rather it is down to the optimization of the server code. Over the last week, we rolled out daily updates to the servers to improve profiling of optimization bottlenecks and yesterday these actions finally paid off! We found a issue within the Unreal Engine core code, which led the server to believe that it was being DDoS’ed due to the number of packets being sent between the clients and the server. When this detection was triggered on the server, it would drop 90% of packets received resulting in the lag/rubberbanding seen over the past week. We pushed a hotfix to the servers earlier today which should resolve these issues. We will continue to push daily updates to the servers to further improve both stability and performance. Now onto what we have updated for this week’s patch. This patch will be deployed for both clients and servers Thursday, April 6, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC Early Access - Week 2 - Patch Notes Performance Improvements Client performances have improved when loading buildings from a mid-distance Server performance has been improved Sound Fixed an issue with door sounds playing at low volume Adjusted volume of wind, rain, and footsteps Improved the sounds for the buggy When in rainy weather, you will now sporadically hear thunder sounds Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that allowed players to hide and attack other players from inside a rock Applied additional fixes to address the issue of players going under the map in certain areas Fixed several issues with weapon switching Fixed an issue with the compass direction not displaying correctly See you in-game, PLAYERUNKNOWN
  5. Exp update

    There was also a 12meg update on Exp over the weekend. Not too sure what was in that one... Devs have been a bit quiet, even on the Feedback Tracker.