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Found 12 results

  1. AU servers down

    We're experiencing an issue with our DayZ servers in AU atm. We'll get them back up as soon a we can.
  2. HIHB 100% Factual Advertisement

  3. Overheating characters

    We need to get an idea if this is indeed an issue or not. We have some reports that overheating is an issue but we also have Gaming Deluxe stating there's no config issues on their end and some people saying they don't have an overheating issue at all. We have also posted this issue in the DayZ Feedback tracker with no fix as of yet, for some anyway. If it's an issue of some have and some don't, then there's more to it than just a config problem stated by the DayZ Devs. Post here if you're indeed having ridiculous overheating issues, so we can try and work out wtf is going on.
  4. Server Crashes

    Our high traffic servers seem to be suffering from random crashes, this includes AU Reg, US Reg and EU Reg. We've been working with GD and the DayZ Devs to get this matter sorted and have had our server crash dumps sent to the DayZ Devs. What we've heard is that there is a patch/hotfix in the pipe for the cause of the crashes which the Devs believe to be caused by a duping bug. We thought it may have been a memory leak but it's far too random and happens even minutes after restarts for it to be a memory leak. Hoping to see this patch soon... Stay tuned!
  5. AU/NZ Servers Back Up

    AU/NZ servers went down earlier today and we have sorted the issue. Seems the box needs a secondary HDD replacement and should run until they do so. This HDD replacement will be done within the next 12-24 hours and will require some minor downtime when it happens. I'll keep this thread updated.
  6. Dallas DC having issues

    Currently the Dallas DC is having network issues. Both US DayZ servers are Down including TS. We'll update this thread as soon as we know more and have an ETA for the issue to be fixed. Stand by...
  7. Seems that this morning Vilayer servers; DayZ as well as other game servers; have gone down and not come back up. We do know that Bohemia is now involved in the matter and we have stated our piece to BI concerning this. Unfortunately, all we can do at the moment is wait for this to get sorted but it is being worked on. We'll keep this post updated...
  8. DayZ Servers In Error

    We're working with Vilayer to get the US, EU and AU Reg servers back up asap. We're aware they're down and are working on it. Stay Tuned!
  9. Server is down atm. Vilayer has been notified and we will get this server back online as soon as we're able.
  10. Seems we had an issue tonight whereas the AU Reg server was randomly rebooting. We have made the GSP aware of the problem and they assure me it's being fixed as I type this. Any further issues we'll get on them asap.
  11. We will be turning on persistence today on all servers to test. We'll test it for a week or 2, if it works it works. If persistence is still broken it WILL be turned off but notice will be given.
  12. Whitelisting Issues

    Please post in this thread if you're having issues with acquiring your GUID or Steam ID, so we can help you out. Please do not post ID's in this thread just what issue you're having.