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Found 1 result

  1. Camps

    Camps are causing localized lag and to mitigate this lag people need to make smaller camps. These smaller camps also need to be placed at least 300 to 500 metres away from another camp. The camps need to be small, 1 barrel, a tent and maybe a truck. We're seeing lag issues with camps that contain in excess of 150 items or more. The lag is not server wide it is localized to the vicinity of the camp and can be problematic if said camp is too large. The lag issues do also seem to be random but very often larger camps will cause this localized lag. This localized lag also may cause your camp to be found more easily so it is a good idea to heed our warnings. We will take measures to make sure camps are not causing excessive lag, so please do your part and keep in line with the above statements. This problem is not just our hive and is a general DayZ issue, not just our servers. The DayZ Devs know about the issue and we're hoping for a hotfix that will sort this out. We're hoping we don't have to do a persistence wipe, if we do will give a few days warning if it HAS to happen. We will avoid wiping persistence as much as we can. Thanks!