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You need to be registered on our forums in order to apply for Whitelisting. During the whitelisted process your Steam ID will be VAC ban checked. IF you have a VAC ban on your account during the last 6 months, you WILL NOT be whitelisted.

We do need to keep the lights on and although donations are not required to play on any of our servers, please consider our running costs HERE

Thank you!

  • Server rules are to be adhered to by all players while on our game servers

    First and foremost... Don't be a Dickhead and leave the drama at the door!

    • You WILL be kicked and/or banned for hate speech, including racism and homophobia. This includes player naming conventions. Just don't do it!
    • You WILL be kicked and/or banned for cheating/hacking/exploiting. There is Zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour!
    • If you suspect someone of cheating/hacking/exploiting please report via hackusations@hihbgaming.net Please be able to substantiate these claims, we cannot do anything with hackusations without some kind of evidence.
    • If you're caught grieving/harassing any player you WILL be dealt with.
    • No ghosting, Combat Logging, Loot Cycling or Duping will be tolerated!
    • Any behaviour or gameplay that negatively effects the general server population will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We're here to maintain a decent gaming experience for all players, on all our servers, if this is disrupted in any way we will take appropriate actions to rectify the problem.

    These rules are to be adhered to and not reading them is NOT an excuse.

    We pride ourselves in keeping a cheat/hack/exploit free gaming experience, and will do absolutely everything we need to do to keep it this way. Our game servers are monitored constantly to make sure rules are adhered to.

    Issues can be called to our attentions via email, Teamspeak or Discord

    Your Regional Go To Admins are:
    (AU Servers)
    JMan - Senior Admin/HIHB Founder
    Monitor303 - AU Senior Admin
    (US Servers)
    Xcite - US Senior Admin
    Cobalt - Admin
    Jackal - Admin
    Wukku - Admin
    (EU Servers)
    Xstract - EU Senior Admin
    Corbit - Admin