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My Application

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Making it official.


My name is zero (not my real first name) function (is my real last name though ) and i wanna be inducted in the Misfit group


Im a 33 white male (married) with multiple children. I play Dayz, Ark, PUBG and some sort of golf game on my phone. Im also a captain in real life (not the fake one) so that makes me pretty damn awesome. And before you ask, its not a damn fishing boat, OK?!?


The reason behind me wanting to join is prettt simple. I just wanna be accepted within some sort of social circle and i havent had much sucess. But knowing a few members of HIHB, i know the standard is pretty low, so i feel great about my chances (im joking). I actually dont know what my chances are.

Thanks and god bless me

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NO! But OK, I guess.  Maybe... I'm very non-commital..... well, after thinking three more seconds about it... sure, you're in ;)

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