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  2. After 5yrs or so my wife has finally completed her book about her transplant journey and is looking to get it published. Getting a book published is an expensive endeavour however, so if people can help out it would be a massive life goal for her. Have a look, donate to the cause and/or share the Go Fund Me link. Thanks! https://www.gofundme.com/publishing-my-transplant-book
  3. Hi everyone, As you may be aware, we have not opened up applications to PUBG Partnership in quite some time. We’ve recognized that there are player populations that may not necessarily quality for partnership, but are able to create interesting custom game content with their communities to provide feedback to the developers. In order to provide both content creators and communities with the opportunity to utilize custom games, we have created two new programs. [Influencer Tryout Program NA/EU/LATAM only] This program grants custom games for 30 days, allowing you to demonstrate your creativity. After 30 days, your content will be reviewed to determine if you are a good fit for the PUBG Partners program. This Influencer Tryout Program DOES NOT give you access to any PUBG Partners benefits. Requirements: Content creator on livestream or pre-recorded video platforms A history of PUBG content on the channel Community leadership and being a good role model An established community Great audience engagement Social media presence and impact Recommended requirements: Pre-recorded video content: 50k subscribers and PUBG content twice every month OR Live-steam content: 150 average concurrent viewers (sustained over time) and PUBG content three times every month Meeting Minimum Requirements does not guarantee you a spot in the program. We look at many factors and reserve the right to deny anyone for any reason. Do not compare yourself to others currently in or applying for this program, we look at each applicant on their own merits. [Community CGA Program NA/EU/LATAM only] This program allows access to custom games for Discord, Facebook, forum, or web communities. Groups that do not create livestream or pre-recorded content. Please note that this is not access for private scrims, Esports orgs, LAN events, or tournament organizers--if your intention is to do the things listed, you must submit a proposal to the Esports Program at Esports@bluehole.net. Communities accepted into this program will provide weekly reports that outline the details of the types of matches that were run, how many people participated in each match, how quickly the lobby fills up, and the level of demand for the frequency of custom games run by the CGA holder. Community CGAs are not for personal use. Your access may be terminated if you do not comply with the requirements of the program. Please note that acceptance into this program does not mean you are a PUBG Partner and you will not receive the benefits of PUBG partnership. View original article
  4. Hey Fam! Where I Droppin?

    Disclaimer: I'm leaving this thread unlocked because reasons. Greetings PUBG fam, I was hoping you would give me a moment of your time so that I could introduce myself, talk about why I’m here and what I’ve joined the PUBG team to do, and hopefully begin to convince you that we’re serious about getting better at how we support the PUBG community. My name is Andrew Beegle, but I’m better known among gamers by my palindrome moniker, Tamat. I’ve joined the team as the Lead Community Manager for North America, but I plan to have an impact globally. I’ve had the privilege to serve many different gaming communities, and I intend to serve the PUBG community with everything I’ve got. We’ll get into the how in a second, but first I’d like to go over some problems that we feel strongly about solving. We haven’t done enough on the communication front in the past, which has understandably been a huge point of frustration for you. The massive global success of PUBG took everyone here by surprise. This is to say that no one was ready for the explosive growth, and though PUBG launched nearly a year ago, every aspect of the operation has been in a perpetual state of catchup. We’re serious about getting caught up so that we can run a globally successful game as a service to our millions of players around the world. As the old saying goes: “actions speak louder than words”. So I’d like summarize a few roles that we've opened in the last week: Communications Lead Community Advocacy Manager Web Content Manager Community Programs Manager Xbox Community Manager Over the next couple of months, you’re going to see improvements over many dimensions. We’ve just begun building out the Community team in North America, but that’s going to happen fast. I’m also working closely with poopieQueen and the rest of the existing Community team. They have done an amazing job getting us to where we’re at so far, and are excited to be getting more help. To close out this introduction I want to leave you with this: PUBG Corp is committed to solving the problems you care about, and having a stronger relationship with the community. You’re going to start hearing from a larger audience of folks involved in PUBG, and I’m hoping that you can give us a little renewed faith and support us as we’re building this plane. Thank you for playing, and we’ll be talking again soon. Thanks, Andrew “Tamat” Beegle View original article
  5. Hello players! We know the last week has been rough. We had problems over the weekend, and our login servers were down today. We’re trying to move faster to solve important problems that negatively impact your experience, but sometimes when you move fast, you break things. This is not an excuse, but rather an attempt to explain why there has been some turbulence over the last week. But we have also seen some great results. In our recent update, PUBG has added a feature that splits the matching pool based on players' ping and players with similar pings end up playing in the same match instance. The results of this addition were positive. Some servers saw more than 30% decrease in network problems, as compared to the pre-update figures, allowing for a more stable and enjoyable network environment. However, this doesn't mean that our work is done. Our team is continuing their efforts to implement further improvements. Despite the ping-based matchmaking, we have seen that some regions are still experiencing a gameplay environment that isn't as enjoyable as it could be. We are looking into various measures that we could use to alleviate the issues players are experiencing in these regions. We’ll let you know when we have more results to share. Please know that when we break things, it’s not because we don’t care. It’s because we care enough to move fast, and take risks that are intended to improve your experience. Thank you so much for the patience and understanding that you give us, especially when we break things. Thank you. View original article
  6. Dev BlogCommunity Update 175

    Lots of musical moments, how to solo to AK, Vertiigo returns, and more. Original Post Here
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  8. Hi everyone, Are you a web / software developer looking to create something for the PUBG community? If so, we have some cool news that we’d like to share with you today that you may have already heard about in the 2018 PUBG Roadmap post. Part of our team has been working to create the PUBG Developer API that we’re ready to begin testing this month with a small number of developers. If you already know what this means and are as excited as we are, head on over to the PUBG Developer website and register for early access. If you have no idea what an API is, that’s ok too. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface which is essentially software that allows two applications to talk to each other. The PUBG Developer API is going to enable developers in the community to build resource oriented websites and applications which will benefit the PUBG community. We’re super excited to see what developers in our community decide to make with it. We look forward to seeing websites for stats, replays, heatmaps, tournaments and a bunch of other cool stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet. Make us proud! View original article
  9. Hi everyone, Are you a web / software developer looking to create something for the PUBG community? If so, we have some cool news that we’d like to share with you today that you may have already heard about in the 2018 PUBG Roadmap post. Part of our team has been working to create the PUBG Developer API that we’re ready to begin testing this month with a small number of developers. If you already know what this means and are as excited as we are, head on over to the PUBG Developer website and register for early access. If you have no idea what an API is, that’s ok too. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface which is essentially software that allows two applications to talk to each other. The PUBG Developer API is going to enable developers in the community to build resource oriented websites and applications which will benefit the PUBG community. We’re super excited to see what developers in our community decide to make with it. We look forward to seeing websites for stats, replays, heatmaps, tournaments and a bunch of other cool stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet. Make us proud! View original article
  10. Recorded Kills SNM March 10 2018

    My headshot on Lubbadub was epic.
  11. Kill logs for Saturday Night Madness 10th March 2018. Enjoy! 2018-03-10 21:22:00 - Clicking Uganda Killed HIHB} Wendigo - Headshot FNX45 2018-03-10 21:22:00 - HIHB} Wendigo Killed Clicking Uganda - Weapon not registered in logs 2018-03-10 21:23:57 - (FU) DiaYEETies Killed [HIHB]Sidekick - b95 - Blood loss 2018-03-10 21:24:44 - DOOKIEBOY Killed (FU) LubbADubb - Headshot VSS 2018-03-10 22:01:16 - Clicking Uganda Killed MachinegunMike - MP5K - Blood loss 2018-03-10 22:06:43 - Clicking Uganda Killed HIHB} Wendigo - Shotgun Mp133 Pistol Grip 2018-03-10 22:07:19 - (FU) DiaYEETies Killed HIHB}GRINGOJS - b95 - Headshot 2018-03-10 22:09:33 - SPINAL Killed HIHB}GRINGOJS - Ruger1022 2018-03-10 22:37:04 - HIHB} Wukku Killed Jagger - CZ75 2018-03-10 22:37:04 - Jagger Killed HIHB} Wukku - FNX45 2018-03-10 22:40:59 - Clicking Uganda Killed DOOKIEBOY - CZ61 - Headshot 2018-03-10 22:52:15 - (FU) LubbADubb Killed SPINAL - Shotgun Izh43 2018-03-10 22:52:26 - (FU) LubbADubb Killed Antonio - ShotgunIzh43 2018-03-10 22:52:51 - joeru Killed juanma - 1911 - Headshot 2018-03-10 23:02:34 - HIHB}Scarecrow Killed Jagger - Winchester 70 2018-03-10 23:03:45 - HIHB}Scarecrow Killed Clicking Uganda - Winchester 70 - Blood loss 2018-03-10 23:03:55 - HIHB}Scarecrow Killed (FU) LubbADubb - Winchester 70 2018-03-10 23:04:01 - (FU) DiaYEETies Killed DOOKIEBOY - MP5K 2018-03-10 23:05:40 - (FU) DiaYEETies Killed HIHB}Scarecrow - MP5K 2018-03-10 23:07:41 - Blacks 4 Trump Killed HIHB} Wukku - MP5K
  12. Players, We released a patch yesterday without going through any maintenance to add some new anti-cheat features. However, we know that some players are having compatibility issues, causing the game to crash or are unable to launch the game. We are doing our best to resolve this issue. With the issue that is related to the game not launching, we are checking for any conflict between anti-cheat solutions and other programs. If you are having a Xenuine related error messages or an issue that is related to the game not starting, please use the following method so that we can further investigate this issue. Go to Start -> Run -> Enter "msinfo32"-> file -> export -> enter a file name and click save. Please upload this file to the following forum thread, we will then forward all files to our development team for investigation. We will not be removing our recent patch in order to keep blocking cheats effectively. For now, if nothing happens after trying to launch the game, please add both tslgame and tslgame_BE to the exception list in your anti-virus software (e.g. Trend Micro Internet Security, Avast). We will try to keep you updated with new solutions to other issues as well. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. View original article
  13. Anti-Cheat Update - 09.03.18

    Hello everyone, Earlier today we deployed an anti-cheat update to improve game security. This update blocks additional cheats and helper programs that alter the graphics or aid in gameplay in some way. We aim to improve and maintain a fair playing field for everyone and will continue our efforts against any programs that give their users an unfair advantage. Programs that are not used to gain an unfair advantage but are indistinguishable from cheats based on their behavior will also be blocked. We are aware that there can be some compatibility issues due to this update and are working towards resolving them. Thank you for your support and understanding. View original article
  14. Anti-Cheat Update - 09.03.18

    Hello everyone, Earlier today we deployed an anti-cheat update to improve game security. This update blocks additional cheats and helper programs that alter the graphics or aid in gameplay in some way. We aim to improve and maintain a fair playing field for everyone and will continue our efforts against any programs that give their users an unfair advantage. Programs that are not used to gain an unfair advantage but are indistinguishable from cheats based on their behavior will also be blocked. We are aware that there can be some compatibility issues due to this update and are working towards resolving them. Thank you for your support and understanding. View original article
  15. PUBG 2018 Roadmap

    Players, Today, I finally get to talk to you about our vision and roadmap for 2018. We have come a long way over the past 2 years and have learned so much. We’ve done a lot of planning over the last two months, and today we reveal how we want PUBG to evolve in 2018. We’ve worked hard over the past 2 years to build a good foundation for the most realistic Battle Royale experience out there. This year we plan to build on that foundation and really start to polish our features, squash the remaining bugs and expand the game even further. When we came out of Steam Early Access, we told you that it was just the beginning of our journey. This year we’re committing to a major content delivery cycle every two months, the first of which is planned for this month. Each of these major updates will bring changes to specific systems and/or introduce new content. Smaller updates between the major ones will also continue throughout the year. This year we want to involve our players in the ongoing development of PUBG even more than before, and to aid with this we plan to open an Experimental Test Server so we can get your valuable feedback on our feature/content development cycle sooner and for you to have a real impact on how our game changes and develops going forward. It is also our aim to continually upgrade the game’s aesthetic side, and today we want to share some before/after images showing work the art team has been doing to improve the way houses are rendered in the game. Now onto the Roadmap proper. Please keep in mind that everything below is subject to change, and is still very much a work in progress. With that in mind, let’s get into the specifics! New Content and Gameplay Next month we will be deploying a new, 4x4km island map on our Experimental Test Server for you to try out. It’s a much smaller map and should give you all a much more intense and faster paced Battle Royale experience. It will offer a higher player density and shorter matches and we want to get it into your hands early this time around so we can use your input to make it a great experience for everyone. We’re also ready to begin testing our Emote System. You will be able to check it out on our Test Servers very soon. We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback on this new system and we will continue to expand on the range of emotes available throughout the year. For now, here is a brief preview of some of the work we have been doing on this system. I’ve been working with our amazing game design team to plan some new and interesting Game Modes for PUBG. We’re still early days when it comes to hammering out all the kinks and details, so I’m unfortunately not yet at a place where I can share specifics. We plan to add new vehicles in the first half of the year and want to continue expanding our weapon set and also add new weapon attachments this year. Here is a peek at one of the new weapons coming soon. Another new map that we’re working on is planned to be 8x8km in size. As with the smaller map coming to the Experimental Test Servers, we want to get this into your hands early in its development, so you can help us make the gameplay great on this new map. We’re ready to begin testing Achievements, in-game friends list and squad voice chat in the main menu! We also want to further allow you to customize your character, and both parachute and weapon skins will be added in the future to help with this. We will also be testing limb and vehicle bullet penetration on the test servers later. This will add new depth to our ballistic system, and increase the realism of gameplay. We, of course, will listen closely to your feedback on these new systems, and if you have concerns, please head over to our forums and leave your feedback there. In 2018, we will be looking at overhauling our entire TPP and FPP animation systems to make them smoother and more reactive to the environment. This will include animations for getting inside vehicles and changing seats while in the vehicle. We also want to improve how the character moves to allow our 3D replay to deliver some truly great content. Also on our roadmap is an overhaul for the parachuting system, to make it more responsive and polish the overall look of the animations. We are also working to improve our armed and unarmed melee combat systems. Stability, Optimization, Security We have not forgotten about our core responsibility to our players - to provide a stable, smooth and secure environment for enjoying a great Battle Royale experience. We are continuing our daily work to combat cheaters, improve server stability and further optimize our servers and clients. It is impossible to solve these problems once and for all, but our goal is to continuously improve in this regard. Due to the sensitive nature of this subject and to maximize the impact we can have, I won’t be able to go into specific plans. However, we’re planning to keep you more up-to-date about our efforts as we have major victories to share. Sound In the first half of 2018, we intend to increase the detail of vehicle sounds, which means introducing suspension sounds and more skidding sounds. We also want to work with surfaces that would reflect different weather conditions and add rain sounds to vehicle surfaces. Also in the first half of the year, we’re looking at making the gun sounds more distinctly different depending on POV. In the second half of the year, we plan to change the sound that the player produces while moving so that it corresponds to the equipment they are carrying. We also plan to introduce different breathing sounds when the player is, for example, running, aiming down sight or holding breath. Esports Seriously, we are not there yet, but we will be. Thanks to the amazing feedback coming from the player community and professional scene we believe we’re moving in the right direction. We truly want to build a great foundation for Battle Royale esports, and while we have seen some great events already using our game, we have much work to do, especially with the observing side of things. We believe our 3D replay system is the key to allowing orgs to provide much better coverage of a match. This year we want to further improve the live spectator tool, but also integrate a replay system for spectators to use during live matches. Our data analytics team has been pouring over ranking and player performance data for the past 3 months, and they are now working on improving MMR and the overall ranking system. We have great teams working on these systems, and along with our new Play Data API toolset, we think 2018 will be a great year for us to further strengthen our esport foundation. Custom Games The Custom Game System will itself be further expanded to allow more fine grain control and quality of life features like saving presets. We’re also planning to distribute access to a wider audience of players so that there are more custom games available to join at any given time. We can’t thank you enough for your patience thus far and we will soon share more details with you regarding our successes and future challenges in this regard. Community Developer Support This year we will be introducing the PUBG Developer Portal. Our Developer Portal will introduce the PUBG Developer API, a development blog, and technical notes regarding game updates. The API Service will support developers in the community by providing player and match data around gameplay performance. It will also provide match-level, season-level, and lifetime-level data for developers to create compelling resources for players. Another interesting and useful application of our API will allow esports groups and other third parties to create custom games within PUBG. This will enable esports groups to effectively manage games while minimizing ongoing technical work on the part of PUBG Corp. So that’s it for the 2018 PUBG Roadmap. Please keep in mind that this list of new features and systems is not exhaustive as far as 2018 is concerned. There are other things we plan to introduce that we were not yet ready talk about, so stay tuned! As always, thank you for your tremendous support over the past year! See you in-game, PLAYERUNKNOWN View original article

    "Saturday Night Madness" is a server wide event that anyone can join in on. This event will vary from static events, to moving events as well as other scenarios. Server: HIHB - Regular(US) - Server Event: SNM - CIVILIAN GEAR EVENT Time: Saturday - 9:00 pm CST Date: 10th MARCH 2018 Starting Map Location: SW Quadrant Objective: MISFITS will be defending a town. Using only gear that can be found in non-military locations, come to the announced location in server messages during event and try to take them out. ALLOWED ITEMS EXAMPLE/EXCEPTIONS VSS VINTOREZ, ANY PISTOL, MP5, GHILLIE, PRESS VEST ITEMS NOT ALLOWED/EXCEPTIONS GORKA ANYTHING, AUG, ANY AK VARIANT, SVD, FAL, UMP, BALLISTIC HELMET or UN HELMET ADMINS WILL BE WATCHING LOGS. IF YOU KILL A VERIFIED EVENT PARTICIPANT IN THE EVENT AREA WITH MILITARY WEAPONS, YOU WILL BE KICKED FOR 24 HOURS! IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR LOADOUT, FIND ONE OF US IN OUR DISCORD (XCITE/WUKKU/JMAN) ASK...NO EXCUSE! BE COOL AND HAVE FUN!
  17. Dev BlogCommunity Update 174

    That's not cosplay; that's a handmade Rust player model. Come see how it was put together.Original Post Here
  18. Upcoming Test Build

    PC players, Our test servers are going up this week! We are currently polishing and debugging the test build. We are going to be introducing an in-game friend system, voice chat in main menu and vehicle and limb penetration system. We are going to need your feedback on all the new features, especially the new penetration system, so please join our test servers later this week. Detailed patch notes will be posted in a couple of days. We hope to see you there! View original article
  19. Hello players, First of all, we regret the confusion and frustration caused by rumors about our employee colluding with external parties selling illegal programs. PUBG Corp takes a firm stand on illegal programs and improper behavior of internal employees. The employee in question is in charge of China-related tasks, but contrary to what was rumored, he is not the head of the China region and is not in charge of illegal programs or anti-cheat related tasks. Therefore, this employee does not have access to game information such as the game's source code. It is also not true that this employee has already been fired. However, as mentioned above, PUBG recognizes the seriousness of the current situation, and will investigate the matter. We will take the appropriate action(s) if any of these rumors are found to be true. We will continue our missions to provide the best Battle Royale gaming experience and service to players around the world, and we thank you for making us part of your world. View original article
  20. Dev BlogDevblog 198

    We're back, and this time we're bringing chainsaws, the SPAS-12 shotgun, new foliage, the first look at the new helicopter, and lots more. This patch wipes the maps, but your blueprints will carry over. Original Post Here
  21. Without us having a heads up first Gaming Deluxe has moved this AU server to a new IP. *sigh* IP Reflected in OP
  22. This week we, unfortunately, didn't give Brian much space to remember anything from the good old days of DayZ - and that's because we've got quite a lot of things that are happening in the present! We did our best to provide plenty of information about our progress and also detailed some design decisions regarding our damage system and ladders. Adam is also teasing some of the lighting updates he's working on, and to support all that, we've got a decent portion of visual materials this time - including videos! Let's get to it, Survivors! Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Adam Dev Update/Filip Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear Players! As the iteration speed on many of our features increases, we are seeing some good results coming in - both in terms of features and stability. In the last two weeks, we have been focusing on and finished the below-mentioned functionality, and as of now, we are closing more issues than are coming in, which is a good sign. Ladders Mentioned before a million times, but it's finally working and ladders are done on the player side. We're converting data for all buildings and working on sounds for ladders. Swimming Again, something that has been missing from the basic movements of the new character for a long time, and it's merged in and done now. As is the case with ladders, sounds are the last thing being added at the moment. Unconscious state We are currently at the beginning of the polishing phase of all the animations and data and looking into connecting the state with character representation and shock values. Damage System (bleeding, penetration, ballistics) After merging in our first working implementation of the new damage system, we're finally working on tweaking the damage values and states, penetration and ballistics. Looking to polish it for experimental release. Bleeding has been connected to the system as well and is working already. We are fighting issues with particles and blood and trying to find a good visual solution. Jumping/Climbing/Bugfixing Since swimming and ladders are working technology-wise, we have moved onto the proposed jump and climb mechanic. Jump is going to get in first, and climbing - as it is quite complex - is definitely going to require a lot more polish. Stability The QA team just got back to work on the build stability. Our stability has been pretty bad recently, with all the large features getting in, so most of our team is focusing on bug fixing and it has paid off already. We're definitely not done and there is still tons of crashes to fix, but the stability has increased by a factor of 30 in just the last two weeks. And I look forward to a normal play session on 0.63 Experimental RC (Release Candidate build). User Actions Because everything you do in-game is working through user actions, we are getting the proper animations in, making sure that the base survival mechanics work, and that there is a loop to follow when you get into the game. It makes the gameplay much smoother. Weapons Work on weapons has slowed down because some of our team members were traveling, and also because we wanted to get in more of the melee combat animations, with the last changes in heavy and light attacks. The guys from the animations team in are in general working on making sure both one handed and two-handed attacks are polished and ready for use. Player turns/Prone We're looking into what's next for all the amazing features that the new animation system has brought us and polishing them, trying to fix both functional and visual issues that arise from the fancy and cool prone combat. 4K UI and bug fixing As we're working on expanding the usability of UI in different resolutions (including 4K), we have tons of bugfixes for inventory actions and visuals for icons, actions and a lot more. Making sure things work reliably with the UI is key now. Refactor of Infected Since a lot of the work on the player is getting done, our Lead Programmer Mirek is heavily focusing on a refactor of the infected, both in terms of stealth and combat. We don't want to promise anything, but we should hopefully be seeing the results soon, and build advanced features for the infected in quick succession after the basics of that work are merged in and working reliably. Collision issues Not much has changed here since the last Status Report. There is a huge pass on all objects in the game in terms of collisions for both gameplay reasons, camera, and much more. And since there are hundreds if not thousands of objects, depending on how you count some, this is definitely a long-term task. I'm very happy with the progress we're seeing and can't wait to play with you sooner than you think (wink wink). - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Peter In the last Status Report of December, I was mentioning ladders. Now you can check them in all their glory in the presented video (thanks to Adam!). You can see the animations for climbing up and down with normal speed, as well as quick scale up and fast slide down. Also note that climbing the ladder is being shown on one long, continuous, seamless ladder, with the possibility to exit and re-enter the ladder on accessible levels in the middle of the tower. Let’s jump to the ongoing work being done on the new damage system and ballistics. In the dark past, the old damage system used the so-called hit points (basically plain points positioned on a body, where the distance between them and the hit impact was compared in order to determine to which hit points the relative damage should be dealt). Now, in the new damage system, we are using hit zones, which are defined by meshes. That allows us to properly depict shapes of every desired component, leading to accurate hit detection and allowing us to incorporate terminal ballistics of projectiles to calculate the proper damage that should be applied. DayZ is an authentic game, and I’m convinced that range combat should definitely underline this direction. Hit zones obviously correspond with basic individual parts of character's body such feet, legs, hands, arms, torso, and head. There are also additional hit zones for vital organs - brain, heart, spine, lungs, and liver to deepen the representation of the character body. In real life, damage dealt by projectiles to the human body is very complicated and it’s fairly impossible to simulate it in game, so some necessary simplification is in place. Each hit zone has its own health which may or may not affect the global health of the character, as well as optional vital attributes. A player character cannot directly die just by shooting its limbs - our goal here is to avoid unreliable situations like shooting the character 10 times to its feet in order for it to get killed. However, as projectiles' penetration leads to bleeding wounds, the character will die indirectly by bleeding out without a treatment. Also, limbs can be fractured if their health falls down to zero, leading to restriction in character movement unless treated by attaching a splint to the fractured limb, which will heal it over time. On the other hand, damage the torso and head can lead to direct death (global health at zero), as well as indirect death by bleeding out. Vital organs have relatively low health, and destroying them leads basically to instant direct death, which opens a way to encouraging shot placement in combination with ammunition used, depending on current situation. For determining terminal ballistics, we have a complex set of parameters in place. Projectile speed and energy now depend on barrel length, which allows us to differentiate between different firearms using the same type of ammunition. Of course, speed and energy decrease over time with the distance traveled. Penetration also depends on the caliber of a given projectile, and obviously on the type and thickness of the material used. There will be a coefficient that takes into account how projectiles behave while penetrating materials, which will help us mimic such behaviors as tumbling, or expansion, of different projectile types. From all these parameters, impact depth and damage applied is calculated to be as close as possible. Now, to emphasize, I fully understand, that all of this can seemingly be perceived as somewhat mysterious behaviour, and could look like random or even buggy to observers, especially those who are accustomed to primitive damage systems where X hits from Y gun definitely leads to character's death. However, even with that risk, I want to give it a spin. Sure, it will be hard to balance and get it as right as possible, but hopefully, you will bear with us and at the end, you will appreciate the possibilities it opens. In worst case scenario, we will be forced, for the good of the game experience, to change it to a more streamlined approach, which will be more cleaner and understandable by yielding more predictable results. No mercy for what we are doing... see you in Chernarus folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Adam This time, my contribution will be rather short. With the 0.62 update, we have introduced many changes to the world lighting configuration. With the upcoming 0.63 update, we have made additional changes to address: overall brightness during daytime dawn and dusk transition brightness issues improve nighttime and star read-ability Please note that following comparison pictures (0.62 vs 0.63 light config) are work-in-progress and do not represent the final state. It should also be noted that both pictures were taken on 0.63, which, compared to 0.63, also contains a number of colour improvements to environment assets (grass, vegetation, artificial objects). Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After Before Afte r - Adam Franců / Map Designer Dev Update/Filip Hi all! For the last couple of weeks, we have been busy with ambient sounds. Though we're not finished yet, we've made some progress. Ambient sounds are more dynamic now and react to weather changes and location changes. We've also made progress with positional environmental sounds. Now you can hear birds and insect coming from trees and bushes, rustle of tree leaves in the wind above your head, metal squeaks and creaks coming from old building's roofs and much more. Here's a small teaser (please be aware that everything is very work in progress): - Filip Čenžák / Sound Designer Community Spotlight Hello everyone, let's start with answers to some of your frequently asked questions: Q: Will the cost of DayZ servers be reduced with the BETA release? A: Yes. In future, anyone will be able to host their own servers on their own terms, as we want to release the DayZ Server Files with BETA. Maybe not right with the first BETA build, but definitely during BETA. Additionally, we want to provide a Linux version of the DayZ Server Files, and that should further cut the costs of running a DayZ server. While we don't have direct control over the pricing offered by our selected server providers at the moment, the Linux Server Files should also lead to noticeable cost reductions with these providers. Q: Will the performance of the game be better in BETA or in the future? A: Optimizations of performance in DayZ are a continuous process, but we can definitely say that the game performance in BETA will be better than the current performance in 0.62 Stable. How much better depends on specific hardware. Besides optimizations of the rendering pipeline, we have rewritten multiple systems to utilize more CPU cores, we've implemented double buffering for rendering and changed some of the synchronous operations to asynchronous (which allowed further parallelization of those operations). All of these changes have a positive impact on the framerate in the game, especially client-side framerate. Q: Do you have any plans for new buildings? A: Yes, we already have some new buildings on the Northwest Airfield in 0.63 and more buildings are planned. I would like to tell you an interesting thing that happened already a few months ago, but some members of the community still ask about it today. We've got in touch with the creators of a Norwegian political thriller TV series named Okkupert (Occupied) based on an original idea by Jo Nesbø in 2016. A lot of you already saw the episode September (second series) which had DayZ in it. In the episode, the Norwegian Police Security Service is using DayZ to infiltrate a resistance group and to gather some information. You can see them playing on PlayStation 4, however, it wasn't for real. At that time, it was still not possible and a lot of you were confused. Let's check out some screenshots I've made: We know how hard can the current situation be for server admins and how hard can it be to keep your communities active. A lot of good servers died and we can't do anything for them now, but we believe (and hope!) they will be back after the BETA update. As I wrote earlier, with Linux servers, the rent should be cheaper, although we don't control pricing of the servers directly (that's up to server providers of course). I just want to thank all admins for being so passionate and for caring about the communities of their servers. Better times are coming! Artwork by Eightarmedpet. I found out some of you don't trust us about the Xbox version build. But yes, we are really working on the console version, on both of them - Xbox One and PlayStation 4 too. Here's a small teaser - hopefully, we'll be able to show them in action soon, as both versions actually run pretty smooth! I have not seen such a well-done video for a long time. Uncuepa is talking about his vision of humanity in DayZ. He has a lot of interesting thoughts. What do you think about this system, do you like it? This video has improved my day. I don't know if the participants were forced to sing, but this is kind of a "Chernarus got talent" episode. I love it, thank you for your work DuckyFTW! Creator of regular DayZ Spotlights Boydy interviewed our map designer Adam "Sumrak" Franců. You can find a small video sneak-peak of Namalsk inside and some info about modding and map changes. Enjoy! No cinematic video this week. Plonker made this cute Cartoony DayZ Turntable and showed it to us on Steam. And I am showing it now to you. :) And as the last thing, we have the riddle again. Who won last time? Jake Bryce Johny K $€i¥ablitz OriginalChaostica Vetovote CanisDirus This time is it a location from Adam again. So, do you know where is this house located? Tweet it to us on our official Twitter account. My part is so long again, but I am not sorry for it because it is from you and I love your work so much! - Baty / Community Manager Header image by Krush. Also: did we just win or what? View the full article
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  24. Ping-based Matchmaking FAQ

    Hello players, As announced earlier, PUBG will be separating the matching queues based on ping to improve the user experience and increase server stability. This has already been implemented on the live servers, and we would like to provide answers to some potential questions you might have. What exactly is the separation of matching queues based on ping? Players with lower pings will be prioritized during matchmaking. As a result, players with similar pings will be matched together. Can I form a party or play with players in different regions? You can still form a party or play with players from other regions. Separating matching pool will not stop or cause an issue with starting a match. What are the criteria for matchmaking when playing in a team with players from different regions? The team will be matched based on the player with the highest ping in the party, ie, the player with the worst connection. What about random matching for duos and squads? When forming a team with random players, you will be matched with players with similar pings. The following servers are recommended for each region. There may be differences depending on exact physical location or line condition. Region Recommended server China AS, SEA Korea, Japan AS, SEA, KRJP Europe EU, NA, OC, SA, SEA Russia EU, NA Oceania AS, OC, SEA North America, South America NA, SA Southeast Asia AS, SEA Thank you. View original article
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