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  2. Players, Today we would like to share some details pertaining to the Gamescom PUBG Invitational presented by Bluehole and ESL. We are honored to present our first offline Invitational at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany! We have invited 70+ of our community’s biggest influencers to compete in four different game modes. We will also be featuring a total prize pool of $350,000 USD for the event. This event is something we’ve been really excited about for quite a while and we are looking forward to experiencing this memorable moment with our community who has been a huge part of our growth. Event details are as follows: Location: ESL Arena Gamescom Hall 9 Schedule (August 23rd ~ August 26th): August 23rd, 2017 11:00am – 3:40pm: Community Qualifier for Duo TPP Event 4:00pm – 8:00pm: Solo Invitational Event (Total prize pool of $46,000 USD) August 24th, 2017 11:00am – 3:40pm: Community Qualifier for Duo FPP Event 4:00 – 8:00pm: Duo TPP Invitational Event (Total prize pool of $62,000 USD) August 25th, 2017 9:00am – 2:30pm: Free to Play and Community Games 4:00pm – 8:00pm: Duo FPP Invitational Event (Total prize pool of $62,000) August 26th, 2017 9:00am – 2:30pm: Free to Play and Community Games 4:00pm – 8:00pm: Squad Invitational Main Event (Total prize pool of $180,000) If you’d like to take part in the qualifiers for our Duo events, please make sure you sign up on ESL play for a chance to compete at: https://esl.gg/2u9fci0 We will have a viewing area attached to our booth, where you can meet your favorite influencers, as well as have a chance to win some awesome giveaways. We also have extensive Free to Play sessions on Friday and Saturday from 9:00AM to 2:30PM. Our developers will be on-site to partake at panels and to enjoy the event alongside the community. If you’re at Gamescom, we invite you to come check out our booth! If you are not able to attend Gamescom, all of the action will be broadcasted on our official channels listed below: Mixer: https://mixer.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Twitch: https://twitch.tv/playBATTLEGROUNDS YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playbattlegrounds Twitter: https://twitter.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Don’t forget to check the official Social Media channels below for more updates and giveaways. https://twitter.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS https://twitter.com/ESLPUBG We would like to thank our community who has helped us grow so quickly to where we are today. Lastly, a huge word of thanks to our main sponsors, Mixer, Intel, NVIDIA and Samsung for supporting us to host this amazing event. We hope that you are as excited as we are for this event, and we hope you all enjoy the Invitational. See you at Gamescom, The PUBG Community Team View original article
  3. Players, We will deploy a small patch at 3PM KST / 11PM PDT / 8AM CEST without server maintenance. Early Access - Week 21 - Patch Notes Bug Fixes Partially fixed client crash Fixed marker graphics bug on the World map Fixed miscellaneous bugs with team game reconnect feature Fixed a bug that caused a player to exit a vehicle when they pressed 'F' to cancel using an energy drink See you in-game, The PUBG Community Team https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/2781390484561132315 View original article
  4. Players, We will deploy a small patch at 3PM KST / 11PM PDT / 8AM CEST without server maintenance. Early Access - Week 21 - Patch Notes Bug Fixes Partially fixed client crash Fixed marker graphics bug on the World map Fixed miscellaneous bugs with team game reconnect feature Fixed a bug that caused a player to exit a vehicle when they pressed 'F' to cancel using an energy drink See you in-game, The PUBG Community Team https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/2781390484561132315 View original article
  5. Players, Since we launched into early access on March 23rd, we’ve done our best to keep you up to date with everything we’re working on and pushing out into the world of Erangel. Since then, we’ve managed to release 14 different updates to our game across our weekly and monthly scheduled rollouts. Today we are changing our patch and update schedule to improve how we work on the game, as well as set realistic expectations for players. Until the official release of the game, we will not have our scheduled weekly or monthly patches rolling out as often as before. We’ve found internally that being rushed to finish certain features, and having shorter QA test time between pushing updates caused more issues than it solved in regards to maintaining a high standard of quality. We want to put our best content out, and ensure that everything we do is making the game more enjoyable with every update. Although we may not release a weekly patch, we will utilize the test servers for significantly longer periods of time and deploy patches and hotfixes when necessary. This way, when we have a new feature that we’d like to roll-out it will be more thoroughly polished thanks to extensive community feedback. This will result in our live build being more exciting for everyone and drastically reduce the amount of unforeseen issues. We want to thoroughly and truthfully emphasize that this will have absolutely no bearing on how much content we deliver, or how much we work on the development of the game. We will still inform our community with public patch notes outlining changes we’ve made with each update. Again, we would like to assure you all that we are still on-track to release our game as per our updated timeline, and we want to emphasize to you that we are not winding down the development, or complacent. We have a lot of work to do, and we want this game to be released with as many fun, rich, enjoyable features and mechanics as possible. Our team will continue to be hard at work, and we are always listening to your feedback. Thank you for your continued support, The PUBG Development and Community Team View original article
  6. Official Merch Store Now Open

    Players, Today marks the day we provide official PUBG merchandise for our fans all over the world! Ever since Early Access, we have been receiving a lot of requests from our community asking for official PUBG merchandise, so we recently partnered up with two fascinating online merchandise stores that will be providing official PUBG clothing for the community. We are starting small with only a limited number of apparels, but we plan to add items to our lineup as we move along. We will, of course, continue to listen to your feedback when we decide what new items we want to add to our stores. I also want to emphasize that, as part of our humble effort to give back to the community, we decided to donate 50% of our entire proceedings from our merchandise sales to two charities equally – Game Changer and Gamers Outreach – two organizations that we believe are doing a wonderful job of helping youth in need of medical treatment and special care. We support their noble cause of helping those who are suffering, especially those who are facing life threatening illnesses and courageously fighting against them on daily basis. So please join us in our support for them on their walk of courage! Here are the links to the 2 charities we plan to support with your help. Game Changer: http://gamechangercharity.org/ Gamers Outreach: https://gamersoutreach.org/ For official PUBG merchandise, please refer to the links below. Design By Humans: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/PUBGShop PowerUp Factory: https://officialpubgshop.com See you in-game, PUBG Community Team http://playbattlegrounds.com/news/85.pu View original article
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  8. Players, Today we look at what we have changed and fixed in our week 20 patch. This patch will be deployed to the Test Servers on Wednesday, August 9th, and if everything is stable, to the Live Servers on Thursday. Client Optimization Optimized game performance for 6-core or higher CPU Optimized UI Sound Effects Decreased motorbike engine and vehicle skid sound volumes Bug Fixes Improved character animation when using throwables while prone Fixed a bug that occasionally disabled voice chat on the Starting Island Fixed a bug that caused your character to stand before crouching when revived Fixed a bug that prevented players from rebinding Unarm to an alternate key You can now see the mark from the character you are spectating on both the Mini Map and World Map Fixed a visual bug with the scope while a character you are spectating is prone on a hill Fixed a bug caused by changing "Graphics" - "Quality" - "Effects" from Settings Improved the wrist positions on the steering wheel See you in-game, PUBG Community Team http://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements View original article
  9. Hello survivors! Where the last couple of Status Reports felt a bit dry and lacking on exciting content, we're doing our best to improve our track record this week! Starting off with Brian, and his excitement which clearly shows that we've had a good couple of rough, but good weeks, through Eugen, who's offering a closer look at the contents of the upcoming Gamescom DEMO, and then over to Peter, who details the changes made to melee and firearms behaviour in 0.63, it's a joyride of teasing new and exciting content. Adam continues by sharing his bits on new decals updates, our Brand Manager Martin assures everyone that the Gamescom news will make its way to everybody, and Baty invites you to Gamescom AND to our upcoming community event next week that goes together with a pre-gamescom developer live stream. Oh hey, and there's also GIFs showing some new stuff (because yes - it is a long read again). Ready? Go! Contents This Week Dev Update/Brian Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Adam Dev Update/Martin Community Spotlight Dev Update/Brian Greetings Survivors, As we approach Gamescom I can't help but reflect back on all the work, stress, and dedication that has preceded where we are now. Back in the end of 2013 when we were trying to prepare a build for Steam, we couldn't have imagined the opportunities all the time that has been spent on technology, and the foundation of the project would afford us. Looking at the Early Access release of one of my personal favourite pure survival titles, The Long Dark I can't help but remember what that experience was like when it first hit Steam, compared to how amazing it is now. The team has been working tirelessly for quite some time, and the focus over the last month or so on preparing a functional vertical slice build for Gamescom, which should raise spirits a great deal internally. One of the most frustrating professional experiences for me has been working on adapting the design and experience of DayZ over the years, but knowing that you the consumers couldn't see these changes and get hands on with them until the underlying tech was ready to support it. Gamescom is just over the horizon, and I know everyone here on the team is really focused on trying to get an outstanding snapshot of the new DayZ experience for you all. Not losing focus on the fact that the development teams'; core goals have been aimed specifically at setting the foundation of DayZ for the years to come is a difficult order. The technology that we hit Steam with fundamentally just can't do justice to the experience we want to bring, and fortunately leadership inside the company has understood that and supported our drive forward. BETA by no means is the end all be all milestone for DayZ - we have plenty of amazing things beyond it and before leaving Early Access - but this is fundamentally the biggest impact on how you the users interact with the world, and establishes the technology baseline that enables us to do all the things we've talked with you about over the years. It's been a hell of a journey, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. - Brian Hicks / Creative Director Dev Update/Eugen Hey guys! I'm going to get into detail in regards to what the Gamescom DEMO is and what is the plan going forward with it. As the Gamescom is getting closer, things are being set in stone. When we decided to go forward with the idea (which was about three months ago), we were nowhere near the expected result. However, deadlines and these goals make sure you are able to focus on what is actually important and as such help you eliminate the noise that gets in the way of development. Sometimes it's feature creep, other times you just follow an overly complicated solution to a problem that’s much simpler to solve. The renewed target helped us follow through. Everything starts with how you control a game, it needs to feel just right. When the game is making it hard to do what you actually want to accomplish through arbitrary complexity or inconsistency, it quickly becomes tedious. As this DEMO features the new player controller, animation system, physics and much more, it will feel different at first glance. Interacting with players, AI or environment should feel much smoother. We will have the new controls printed out for players coming in for an easy reference point. As this is quite a complex rework of the game, and we want people to test specific things, it will have its own "map" built around Staroye. The map includes new roads, rocks, and more reworked old assets as we are gradually improving visual fidelity, and leaving the old stuff behind. Only subset of player usable items will be spawning for the purpose of quick access, as we expect the turnover to be quite large. The density is also much higher to make sure you can try more things in a short span of time. Besides the map, you can also expect new particle effects implemented with Enfusion technology, new character faces and much more. It will feature the new inventory implementation, which again should feel much smoother and faster as we have invested quite a lot of time to do this properly. And one large change that we expect to have significant impact on how people play: you won't be able to move with inventory open. A lot of the things that people have used inventory to solve, like finding small items or interacting with their weapon to avoid delayed quick bar, will be long gone. Items will show their icons in the world, as well as all action being moved to contextual methods. And quick bar will become a core part of your setup as you explore the world of DayZ. You will get more slots as you get higher tier items, which in translation will increase the amount of stuff you can get done quickly in the world. There are tons of new animations coming in to show different states of character, exhaustion for example. And many detailed systems trying to avoid using text and use of heavy UI, so that living your life in Chernarus is all about your character. New gestures that will spice up the interaction between player, hopefully causing a laugh or two. Or making sure you can understand each other over a long distance. Lot of new UI changes that will focus on giving you enough detail if you want, or just immerse into the character in front of you. Tons of new sounds both ambient, character or weapon related. There is new synchronisation model that is quite different from what we had before, hoping to support the full scale of 100 players and tons of AI. All these things will be stress tested heavily to make sure there are no issues when we go live. Lot of the things are however heavily work in progress, but also for the first time, all of the new tech is in and working with new data. It's exciting as hell. And last but not least, new melee combat and ranged combat. But I'll let Peter talk about those   There will be issues I'm sure, as something always slips past, or gets broken in the last second. This is a complex game in making, and we can't wait to share our progress with you. We are discussing the possibility of making the DEMO available for a limited time on a separate Steam branch, but we'll yet have to see about that. Programmers - Weapons actions - Vehicle controller refactor - Melee combat (programming wise) - Particles (programming wise) - Physics and optimisation tweaks - New zombie controller - CLE (Central Loot Economy) tweaks - Bug fixing Animators - Animals animations - IK (Inverse Kinematics) poses - Injured animations - Weapons animations (loading/unloading) - Bug fixing Designers - Melee combat (script wise) - Communication - Horticulture - Particles (script wise) - Inventory UI refactor - Advance placing system - Gamescom demo preparation (spawning, menu, ...) - Bug fixing Audio - Sounds for weapons interactions - Footsteps sounds (surface vs footwear) - Ambient sounds - Bug fixing QA - Internal client stabilisation - Gamescom demo features testing - Bug reporting Art - Old assets rework - New assets preparation (NW Airfield ) - Object layout for western region - Bug fixing - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Peter As you may know from previous Status Reports, we scratched old firearms and melee implementations and started from the ground up to allow us fulfil our vision of having more control over firearms and melee fights, resulting in much better, authentic user experience. Both ranged and close combat have crucial role in DayZ, may it be in PvE or PvP encounters. Over the last few weeks, there was quite a lot of progress made in both combats, and now as things starts to look well enough, it's a good time to talk about them and showcase them. Ranged combat with firearms is defined by their handling and aiming models. So far on handling side, we have loading of firearms with either magazine or chambering directly with ammo from inventory, quick slots and even from the ground. Next is the mechanism manipulation itself, were you can feed ammo from a magazine to chamber in case of manual firearms, or eject ammo in automatic ones. It's also used to un-jam the mechanism once it gets jammed by a casing not being ejected properly. We reintroduced zeroing and fire modes, as well as iron sights, though optics are not working now due to some issues we're battling down the line (specifically switching to camera point on optic attachment, to be honest we have ran into some problems with attachments in general lately, as they are not in hierarchical order, so it will require some rewrite). Aiming model of firearms is where the real fun begins. Currently, we have a new sway mechanic (yay, finally!) - it mimics breathing with constant vertical movement as well as corrections of hands direction with subtle random horizontal movement. It's very effective and robust design solution which allows us to modify output by plenty of factors, like firearm attachments configuration, especially hand-guard and butt-stock, and its weight, character stance and movement, amount of stamina, overall character state with all that unpleasant things like low body temperature or diseases, and of course also the hold breath feature (yes, I'm not kidding). Recoil is another functional part of the aiming model now. While projectile is fired, we've introduced movement to firearms in all three dimensions. We are experimenting with pre-animated recoils, which are procedurally modified to produce nice looking visuals with ability to differentiate between firearms. Similarly to sway, it can be modified, this time it could depend on calibre, barrel length, overall firearm weight and its attachments, especially muzzle devices like brakes or compensators, and we are also considering impact from stamina. What's still missing is some sights misalignment in the aiming model, same goes to lifting firearms next to obstacles, however we will get there as both are a must have for proper aiming model. Quick update regarding new melee combat - in current state, it's already way ahead when compared to the old system. Apart from full body attack animations, which can now be chained into combos and opponents reacts to hits with proper strength and directions of impacts, there is also a dashed attack from sprint implemented now. I would like to highlight the current melee targeting implementation which is taking length of a melee weapon into account, as well as distance direction and vertical angle to opponent. Combined with rotating and dragging character towards selected targets during attack animations, it produces great looking, fluid and addictive melee combat. It's quite hard to miss your opponent now, gone are the days of grotesque melee fights where everybody ran in circles trying to play game of chance to deal some hit. Last but not least, we also introduced some changes to controls of the new character. What really stands out is changing of stances which is using one key now instead of three previously. With programmers and animators, we are discussing missing moves of new character, like leaning, jumping or climbing, as we would like to push on these and make them more interesting for gameplay. Apart from Gamescom 2017... see you in Chernarus folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Adam Much like in the last Status Report, let's begin with a showcase of some additional improvements to the visual fidelity of Chernarus. This time, let's talk about decals. On Chernarus, decals are primarily used to make specific areas (such as concrete surfaces and roads) look more damaged / abandoned. We cant simply add local damage to the concrete / roads texture itself as it would look too repetitive in the end. And so these decals are a great way to add a local damage exactly where we want. While decal textures were trying really hard to show that there are holes in the road, they ultimately failed alone because they were missing visual depth in-game. Luckily, this was changed with the recent implementation of parallax mapping for decals. And since we have got new textures for roads for quite some time, we have also decided to re-do textures for all road damage decals so the visuals of decals match together with the new road textures (visual inconsistency between old decals and new roads is one of the reasons we decided to postpone the release of new road textures, originally planned for update 0.62). Here are some examples of how medium and small-sized decals look after these changes: These changes (along with the new road textures that you can also notice on pictures) will be available with the update 0.63. And as usual - a short report on what has happened on western border of Chernarus since the last Status Report. Details were added around the Myshkino dam (including the HV power-line connection to Zelenogorsk), new recreational facility of TES company near the shore of Myshkino dam and probably the biggest lumber mill we currently have on Chernarus has been added north of Myshkino military site. These locations will hopefully make encounters in the Myshkino tents valley a bit more interesting and offer additional looting options for the players who prefer to roam the western region of Chernarus. As always, please remember that all pictures show work-in-progress content. - Adam Franců / Senior Map Designer Dev Update/Martin As we started outlining our Gamescom DEMO over the last two Status Reports, I've noticed a raising concern in the community about us presenting a build of the game on a gaming convention rather than delivering it directly to the core players on our Experimental and Stable Steam branches. As our community of existing players is what we truly care about the most, I'd like to address these concerns and add further context to Eugen's text above. First of all, thanks to Brian and his great relationships with guys over at Astro Gaming or Twitch, DayZ's been present at many public events in the past, and I'm sure it's always been fun for everyone to meet and greet while occasionally streaming or presenting some of the upcoming features. Usually, most of the news from these events also made it out to the general public - either by being directly shared by the DayZ team over social media, or organically by someone from the community posting on the forums or Reddit. This worked quite well, and considering that those activities were not a part of any sophisticated marketing/promotional plan (there hasn't been anything like that for DayZ, and this won't change until BETA drops on Stable), it's also been quite effective. Gamescom is a little bit of a step up from these events, as we'll be part of a bigger Bohemia Interactive booth. That means that our presence needs to be a bit more official, that we need to present something meaningful, and ideally also playable. That's where the Gamescom DEMO comes in - as a publicly playable content, it also conveniently solves three problems for us: a) it helps the development team to deliver a package even before the first BETA build is done internally, or ready for public branches - hopefully helping everybody have a feeling of accomplishment (which Brian nicely described in his part) b) it allows us to do very early focus tests in a controlled environment where we're standing right next to the person playing c) it helps us make a point to the general public that we are being serious about our intentions to bring DayZ to a stable 1.0 release, and support it for years to come (which some people still refuse to believe in) As Eugen already pointed out, we may (or may not), at some point, and in one way or another, make this DEMO available to all of you who won't be able to try it at Gamescom. While it's not fully representative of DayZ as the hardcore survival game it should be (and technically only works in a "LAN" mode as well), we understand that everybody just wants to get their hands on the new player controller! More importantly though, we have plans for extensive online coverage of all the things we're about to show at Gamescom. Just to pick a few that will happen right during the Gamescom week: we&'ll be live on the Twitch Gamescom stage for about 15 minutes, talking about the DEMO and DayZ BETA in detail, including some gameplay. We'll have a couple of media appointments that will hopefully produce some cool articles, and we'll also be producing our own photos or possibly even some basic video content directly from the show floor. Now, creating (audio)visual content of any upcoming game changes is always a struggle. With the way our community-driven development works (the moment we have a "legit" build in our hands that we need your feedback on, we drop it to Experimental), it is sometimes literally impossible to even play the internal branch of DayZ for several minutes straight, and prepare content in advance. This has been the case with the supporting content we're making for Gamescom, and over the last two weeks, it produced some rather hilarious clips: While those GIFs may look like a lot of fun, the reality is that any bug like that always breaks the gameplay, not to mention the recorded clip or screenshot. Count in some nasty crashes, network issues or general server degradation we still need to resolve, and you have a good reason for our Status Reports rarely including any relevant visual content at all. It's also why we're still relatively far from dropping any BETA package to the public Steam branches - while our new player character (and other systems) already work well within the limited scope of the Gamescom DEMO, they are not ready for the full-scale DayZ experience just yet. Well, that'll do it for today - I hope this helped some of you to get an insight on what's happening around the DayZ office. Baty should have some more details about our upcoming Gamescom coverage! P.S. - please do let us know if you're coming to Cologne, and come hang out with us! - Martin Čulák/ Brand Manager Community Spotlight Hello guys, We have two weeks till Gamescom and in our office, as in many other gamedev offices around the world, we're preparing for the game show, and we are starting to panic a bit. There is still so much to be done! I spent the last two weeks working on videos, which should be done before Gamescom, but as Martin wrote above, the game is still not in an ideal shape. Therefore, we tried to make the best of the actual unstable version to be able to show you some of the new features which you will be able to experience at Gamescom. I will not try to hide that it is very challenging to capture scenes without any errors and bugs, be we are close to finish and the video should be ready for Gamescom. In any case, Gamescom is near and the mood in the Dev Team can be best described as: But enough of silly things. Let’s take a look at what is waiting for us in the next couple of weeks. Next Thursday 17th August at 17:30 CEST (GMT+1) you can look forward to a stream from our Bohemia Interactive office. We would like to share more information about what you can expect in our booth at Gamescom, we will tell you more about a demo we are preparing and also about a community meet-up which will be organized at Gamescom. We will talk in more detail about BETA and answer some questions. And this time, we will have moderators and better sound, so it will surely be better than last time! But the stream will not be only about DayZ. We will talk more about other BI projects, like Mini DAYZ, Ylands and Arma 3. Do not miss this stream; you can learn a lot of new information there! Simultaneously with the stream, we will host a small event. It will be a battle of the castle again, where we will return to the Middle Ages and play as knights. The event will take place on 17th August at 17:00 CEST (GMT+1) and you can be part of it if you are interested. You can sing up HERE. And now back to the Gamescom. It will be held between 23rd and 26th August at Cologne in Germany. As I said in previous Status Report, we will be there, specifically in hall 10.1., booth A010. Beside DayZ team, we will also have Ylands and Arma teams there. You will be able to play the Gamescom DEMO about which the devs were already talking above. More information about the demo will be revealed at the stream next week. I want to point out that the DayZ and Arma parts will be separated from public area and will only be accessible for adults 18+. But don’t worry if you are not 18 yet. You can come visit us at the community meet-up in front of our booth, talk with the devs and get some gifts. Community meet-up will take place on 25th August at 13:00 CEST, so don’t hesitate to come, we will be happy to see you. And if you come in DayZ cosplay, you will make us even happier! For those of you that cannot make it to this year’s Gamescom, let me assure you again: we are preparing reports, videos and photos. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels! Finally, we will have a look at some of your creations. First, I would like to present you a member of Spanish community who is playing on role-play server DayZRP and is sharing his adventures on his YouTube channel. His last video is "La masacre" and as the title suggests, it is about a massacre in Lopatino’s church. There are English subtitles for those who do not understand Spanish. I really like the story and what I like even more is the amazing comic that accompanies the video. Other parts of the comic can be found on his Twitter channel. And now for the mentioned video: Further on, I was pleasantly surprised by a community member paulmosin, who is sending his ideas of a real world survivor to our Twitter. We love him! On Reddit, I discovered a post by user SpectreRobin. It is a DayZ picture, painted on 3 canvases, which is inspired by a well-known screenshot. It was drawn by his friend, who is a very talented artist. It reminds me of paintings in our office (which I would very much like to take home) and we can be only jealous that he has such a nice decoration on his walls. Thank you very much for all your content that you share with us on our official social networks, we really appreciate it. We will have to move the next status report to 29th August, because it would be right in the Gamescom week and we will not be able to prepare it while at the convention. But as I wrote above, we will be definitely sharing the photos, experiences and impressions with you the whole week. So make sure to follow us and we are looking forward to seeing you on the stream, and at Gamescom! Header image by RageBruh.‏ - Baty / Community Manager View the full article
  10. Desolation REDUX Server Info

    DesolationREDUX Sydney Server updated to Alpha and map changed to Updated Vortorsk. Any issues post up!
  11. Desolation REDUX Patch Notes

    DesolationREDUX Alpha Release Notes v0.1.3.5 Client -Added: Crafting option for white armbands -Added: Individual p3ds for Metal Masks -Added: Small Boat -Added: preview models for campfire and campfire w/ tripod -Fixed: Open buildings geometry and shadow LODs -Fixed: Armbands now working -Fixed: Added muzzleFlash named property to FAL LOD4 -Fixed: Mi8 rotor and character animations -Fixed: Hunting Backpack shadow LOD -Tweaked: Open buildings config to simplify categories -Tweaked: Oil rig geometry tweaked -Tweaked: Metal Mask config -Tweaked: Heli_Medium character animations Server -Added: Item action function for crafting ITEMS -Added: Missing pbos from mission.sqm -Added: Mi8/Heli_medium/LR/Small Boat to vehicle spawn list. -Fixed: Anti-cheat bug that banned new players -Fixed: Anti gamma filter. No longer runs server side -Tweaked: Mission pbo addon list to be alphabetical -Tweaked: Civilian loot lowered the chance for scrap metal -Removed: Time management code that should not have been in
  12. Remind you of anyone

    I found a 3d version .... Shiny
  13. KOS

    Hiya St Pauli, we mostly play on the whitelist and the US server but a lot of our clan also run on the EU, so if your ever looking to run with someone, look me up on steam. jddunn31 We are pretty friendly most of the time in Clan Factions United (FU). We also participate in the Saturday night events if you are looking to try them out (they are on the US server).
  14. KOS

    Hey @St Pauli I play on the almost, to completely, non-existent Australian server ( we do have a few locals, and a few randoms) but due to Australia's fantastic internet speed at the moment in my area due the the optic fibre cable getting put in which will hopefully up my internet speed 'fantastically (in joke mate you honestly have to live here to understand, Lithuania has a better Internet than we do :P). I have not even been able to get into Team speak let alone DayZ which has been giving me the shites. I went from playing with the guys on the American server on one game, to nothing, Ping kicked is horrible. KOS depends on the server, remember you do have human individuals, HiHB is not a RP server, you may be able to (if you get enough people together to fund a new server slot) set up a RP on on the EU DayZ HiHB Umbrella, but from what I found when the Australian wing of HiHb went through it's little hick up a while ago, and I was looking at Role playing servers, they simply were basically non-existent, there is one in the EU, but they are so anal about their signing up, if you ever step outside your original signup profile of your planned character you get kicked, and your $400 (Pounds obviously) is not refunded, I thought that was a bit much, and considering I wouldn't be able to play because my ping would be over 400 anyway . The best you can do is grab the basic gear and get away from the coast where all the parasitic spawn farmers live, at least the real DayZ players are more than likely to talk to you in the middle of Chernarus. Let me say welcome to HiHb ! Dont let the arseholes that dont want to talk get you down, you will meat a good group of people soon, Some of them are on the US server, the crew that run under the name of the Misfits, @JMan of course, infact most of Hihb are pretty rounded people, some sociopaths, but hey you have to have one or two .
  15. Q) How do I purchase crates? A) You may purchase crates from the “REWARDS” section in-game. The first Gamescom Invitational Crate will cost 1,200 BP and the price will increase for every additional crate. The first Random Weekly Crate will cost 700 BP and the price will increase for every additional crate. You may purchase up to six Gamescom Invitational Crates and six Random Weekly Crates every week. This crate limit is renewed every Monday at 12AM UTC. Q) How do I purchase the keys? A) Click Gamescom Invitational Crate from “CHARACTER”. You can buy keys from top left corner on the “PREVIEW” pop-up screen. Up to 40 keys can be bought per purchase, but there is no limit on the number of times you can make purchases. Q) How long are the crates available for? A) Gamescom Invitational Crates are available from August 3rd 9AM UTC to August 28th 12AM UTC. Survivor and Wanderer Crates are available from August 3rd 9AM UTC as well, and we will announce at a later date if these two crates will no longer be available for purchase in the future. Your Gamescom Invitational Crates can be traded in the Steam Community Market after August 3rd. Q) Will the original pioneer crates be available to purchase in game until release? A) No, Pioneer crates will no longer be available once the two free crates are introduced. However, most of the items from the Pioneer Crate will be included in the two free crates that will be available after the monthly update on August 3rd. Q) Can I purchase keys after August 28th? A) Yes, you can. Keys will be sold in-game even after August 28th. Q) What happens if I do not get a key after purchasing the Gamescom Invitational Crate? A) The crate will be left in your inventory, unopened. You may purchase a key in-game and open it when you would like to at a future date. Q) How do I open a crate? A) Choose a crate you want to open from “CHARACTER”. Click “USE KEY” to open the Gamescom Invitational Crate. Click “OPEN” to open free crates. Q) What are the items available in each crate? A) You can “PREVIEW” all items available in each crate at the “REWARDS” page. Item rarity is distinguished by color tags: yellow marks the rarest items and gray marks the most common items. Q) What is a clothing set? And do I get a set when I open a crate? A) A clothing set is a set of clothing items that gives you one completed look in all the same themed items. You will receive one clothing piece per crate, but a few lucky crates will give more than one clothing item per crate. Q) Do I keep these items after the official launch of the game? A) Yes, you will keep all items that remain in your inventory even after the official launch of the game. Q) Can male characters wear skirts? A) Yes, all items from these crates are unisex, including the skirt. Q) When can I start selling items on Steam Community Market? A) You may sell, and even purchase, items and crates on the Steam Community Market. Survivor and Wanderer Crates and items from the two crates are marketable from August 3rd. However, items obtained from Gamescom Crate are not marketable for 7 days. In addition, you cannot trade BP on the Steam Community Market. Q) Can I exchange a crate if I bought the wrong one? A) Please submit a report on our forums for further assistance. http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/12-general-help/ Q) I need help with refunds. A) Please refer to this page on Steam Refunds: http://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds/ Q) I need help with the Steam Wallet. A) Please refer to this page on Steam: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1122-RTSC-0478 Q) How can I access the Steam Community Market? A) Please follow this link: https://steamcommunity.com/market/ Q) I bought crates, but I do not see them in my inventory, or the items I received from the crates. What should I do? A) Please submit a report on our forums for further assistance. http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/12-general-help/ Q) Will there be cosmetics items players can unlock just from playing the game? A) As mentioned in our previous Steam announcement, “we’re aware that many of you want new in-game skins to further customize your character. While we won’t be rolling out the full system until we move out of early access, we would like to provide more content as well as test the basic crate & key system we want to implement in the final version of the game.” Q) Why are there cosmetics items in Early Access? A) As we have mentioned in our previous Steam announcement, “while our intention was and still is to add the full feature to the game when we move into actual release, we do need to test it prior to launch and at Early Access so that it is stable and ready to be fully introduced to our community… We believe [the crate and key system] will serve as the foundation of a healthy economy after launch. This is an economy that would and should benefit all players - both who are willing to pay and who are not willing to pay for vanity items. It is important that all our players are able to enjoy the various items that will be provided for customization, and it is even more crucial that we have a stable self-sustaining economy that maintains the value of the items you have purchased or gained.” Partial proceeds from the sale of the keys to open the Gamescom Invitational Crate will be used: 1. To provide funds needed to organize the event, 2. To provide a prize pool for the invitational winners, 3. To support a selection of charities. View original article
  16. Early Access Month 4 Update

    Players, Today we will look at what we have updated in our 4th monthly update. But before doing so, I feel that I am indebted to our fans and community to address to the reaction we have been receiving regarding our soon-to-be-tested “crate and key system”. While our intention was and still is to add the full feature to the game when we move into actual release, we do need to test it prior to launch and at Early Access so that it is stable and ready to be fully introduced to our community. The idea of testing, prior to full implementation, is at the heart of adding every new game feature in our game, and this includes the crate and key system which we believe will serve as the foundation of a healthy economy after launch. This is an economy that would and should benefit all players - both who are willing to pay and who are not willing to pay for vanity items. It is important that all our players are able to enjoy the various items that will be provided for customization, and it is even more crucial that we have a stable self-sustaining economy that maintains the value of the items you have purchased or gained. I do understand your concerns about the system, but I feel testing for a sturdy economy on the Steam Marketplace is necessary at this stage and ultimately beneficial for the game. And once again, this is a purely optional system, and you are not forced into participating if you do not feel like it. You will still get a fully featured game, with a polished Battle Royale game-mode, a wide variety of weapons and vehicles to play with, stat tracking, ranking and leaderboard systems, 2D and 3D replays and much more. But still, I must admit that our message wasn’t very clear, so I extend my sincere apologies for the confusion caused. The process of communicating our intentions precisely to our fans and communities should have been done in a more careful and prudent manner. I’ve learned a lot, and we’ll try to communicate better moving forward. Having said, please allow me to further elaborate on the crates and how it works. Like the current free-to-open system, you will be limited in the number of crates you can receive each week, with the crate prices being reset each Monday. Currently, this limit is set to 6 crates per week, and you are free to trade them on the Steam Marketplace. I also want to point out that the full cosmetic system is still being discussed internally, and we are taking your concerns into consideration when it comes to the ability to get free cosmetics by playing the game. Now onto the new crates themselves. Here is a look at some of the items available in the 2 free-to-open crates. Survivor Crate [free-to-open] Wanderer Crate [free-to-open] Now onto our 4th monthly update! The monthly update will be pushed to the Public Test Server in about 1 hour at 5PM KST / 8AM UTC, as we need some extra time to test the new 1st person view before updating the live servers later in the week. Early Access - Month 4 - Patch Notes Server Optimization Optimized fences, doors, and windows Optimized vehicle physics Client Optimization Optimized memory usage for world objects Optimized terrain rendering Optimized vehicle physics Optimized User Interface New Items Added new weapon Mk14 EBR. Mk14 EBR is a Designated Marksman Rifle that can only be obtained from Carepackages. This weapon is chambered for 7.62mm and sniper rifle attachments Character Added two new face presets and hairstyles to character customization for both genders Gameplay Added 1st Person server options to NA and EU Solo and Duo game-modes Players who choose 1st Person mode will be matched together Character view is set to 3rd Person mode in starting airplane and during free fall from the airplane. This will be set to 1st Person only in a future update Camera will stay still while looting items to prevent dizziness Added a new feature to report players Some people killed knocked-out teammates in order to avoid giving kill count to an opponent who knocked them down. Now the kill count will still go to the opponent in this specific case. Added new animation when using different consumables Improved camera transition when disabling Free look feature (Alt Key) Decreased the reload time of VSS Players may now re-enter games if they have been disconnected mid-game You may now play with Xbox controllers, and we will continue to make improvements with Xbox controllers Sound volume difference from inside and outside of building is more obvious Added new sound effect while scoping or aiming weapon Added new effects when a character is running or sprinting over different types of surfaces Improved character animation without any weapon or with melee weapon Added slight delay when using the drag-and-drop feature on items in inventory UI. We implemented this delay to provide a fair gameplay environment to all players Improved post-process effect when a character takes damage outside of the blue circle Items and Vehicles Added a lower rail attachment slot to SKS You may now honk a car horn when sitting in the driver's seat with Left Mouse Click Decreased the chance of vehicle explosion after the vehicle gets stuck in objects Vehicle driving sound will change slightly in FPP and TPP modes Added new sound effects for motorcycle tire screech while driving Eliminated firing delay of S1897 from pump action after reload Improved effects of boats Added spark effect to flat tires Reduced cast time of First Aid Kit / Painkiller to 6 seconds Reduced cast time of Med Kit / Adrenaline Syringe to 8 seconds UI Added more features and hot keys to the Options Menu Added new option for V-Sync You may now designate a maximum of two different keys for each key bind Added new option to set toggle on certain actions and features You may now use Mouse wheel up/down as one of your key binds Added new keybinds, such as all mute (Ctrl+M) and switching Voice Channel (Ctrl+Y), and a new option to adjust the volume of voice chat Added new keybinds to use specific throwables Added Colorblind Mode Added some region names to the mini map Added new option to display helmet, vest, and backpack equipped on HUD UI. This HUD UI will be updated further in the future Added new option to display all equipped weapons on the right side of the screen. This UI will be updated further in the future Bug fixes Partially fixed client crash issues Fixed an issue of weapons sporadically ceasing to fire despite being set to auto firing mode You may not use consumables in vehicles underwater Fixed bugs below while spectating another character: A character appeared to be shaking when the character moves around Camera swing when a character scopes while walking Camera swing when a character peeks left or right while scoping A character appeared to be shaking when the player moves his mouse while scoping in Prone Characters farther than 500m away from a vehicle will no longer hear the tire screech sound Fixed post-process bug underwater in FPP mode Fixed an issue of the reloading sound getting played repetitively after dropping a weapon while reloading Fixed the probability of getting rainy weather to previous value Fixed a bug where a character could not equip attachment with full inventory Fixed a bug where weapons would continue to play looped reload animation even after canceling the reload Fixed a bug where a character could see through the other side of wall when scoping or crouching against certain walls Fixed a bug where a character sitting on objects inside of certain buildings could see through ceilings and walls Fixed sporadic issue of disabling in-game UI Eliminated bombing outside of Red Zone Finally, this will be my last dev blog for a while as due to the fact I will be traveling extensively over the coming months, I will be unable to post with ease. The dev blog will now be handled by the community team. See you in-game, PLAYERUNKNOWN (from http://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1451700696565067398) View original article
  17. KOS

    Hey Pauli, there are no rules set as far as KOS. Do I think people should interact more rather than just KOS? Sure, but there are no hard set rules against it on HIHB servers. DayZ is a harsh game and KOS happens unfortunately. You'll get them next time!
  18. Recorded kills for Saturday Night Madness 29th July. 2017-07-29 21:35:28 - Mustakrakish Killed Rourke - Baseball Bat 2017-07-29 21:55:58 - 18 Kills Later Killed Whiskey - AugSteyr(Headshot) 2017-07-29 21:59:25 - 18 Kills Later Killed Coma - Blood loss AugSteyr 2017-07-29 22:04:04 - Scarecrow Killed Finnegan [FU] - Winchester70 2017-07-29 22:12:45 - HIHB}Yam Killed Inquisitor - MP5K 2017-07-29 22:14:28 - HIHB}Yam Killed Scarecrow - SKS 2017-07-29 22:15:13 - Grim Killed HIHB}Yam - M4A1 2017-07-29 22:15:13 - HIHB}Yam Killed Grim - Blood loss MP5K 2017-07-29 22:21:06 - Diamond Killed Trump for Pres - Fist 2017-07-29 22:28:17 - {AMG} Daking74 Killed Wallcroft - B95 Black 2017-07-29 22:28:57 - {AMG} Daking74 Killed Coma - AKS74U Black 2017-07-29 22:33:10 - 18 Kills Later Killed Wukku - AugSteyr 2017-07-29 22:33:48 - HIHB}XCITE Killed 18 Kills Later - M4A1 2017-07-29 22:35:05 - Inquisitor Killed HIHB}XCITE - M4A1 2017-07-29 22:36:07 - Scarecrow Killed Brittney* - Blood loss AugSteyr 2017-07-29 22:36:42 - Inquisitor Killed yeet - M4A1 2017-07-29 22:37:57 - Scarecrow Killed Grim - AugSteyr(Headshot) 2017-07-29 22:47:16 - {AMG} Daking74 Killed Scarecrow - AKS74U Black 2017-07-29 22:48:57 - FU}KingOfDemise Killed HIHB}Yam - SVD 2017-07-29 22:52:58 - {AMG} Daking74 Killed Vale - AKS74U Black 2017-07-29 22:58:47 - Echo Killed bongobongobongo - Magnum 2017-07-29 23:12:06 - 18 Kills Later Killed HIHB}XCITE - AugSteyr 2017-07-29 23:20:01 - 18 Kills Later Killed Scarecrow - AugSteyr(Headshot) 2017-07-29 23:20:56 - 18 Kills Later Killed SVDing You Down - AugSteyr 2017-07-29 23:31:30 - Kyle(2) Killed Watermelon - Blood loss SKS 2017-07-29 23:34:14 - Inquisitor Killed Wukku - M4A1 2017-07-29 23:36:04 - 18 Kills Later Killed Trump for Pres - AKM(Headshot) 2017-07-29 23:36:20 - Brittney* Killed [WOBO] TheFur70 - AKS74U Black 2017-07-29 23:41:35 - 18 Kills Later Killed HIHB}XCITE - AKM 2017-07-29 23:49:23 - {AMG} Daking74 Killed Whiskey - Firefighter Axe Black(Headshot) 2017-07-29 23:53:43 - Finnegan [FU] Killed HIHB}Yam - AKM 2017-07-30 00:05:37 - 18 Kills Later Killed Grim - AKM(Headshot)
  19. KOS

    I'm new to this server, and I haven't had much contact with other players, but are there any server rules as such regarding KOS? I generally play in a friendly capacity, I don't shoot first, I'd rather interact with other players first, which, don't get me wrong, can end up in me getting my ass handed to me. This isn't a whiney complaint here, I'm just gutted that a character I have had for over a week now, gets KOS while eating a feckin tin of tuna lol. If you read this and it was you who killed me, enjoy the spoils of my looting, I'll be back.
  20. Hi everyone. First of all, as the lead community manager, I apologize for not addressing the recent issues earlier. For team-killing and stream sniping, we require evidence to be submitted as with all reports against players. We do not ban players based on what we see on social media or streaming platforms ourselves. We ask players to submit reports with evidence on our forums which is a temporary measure. We take action when the evidence is sufficient to warrant a ban. The current rules and ban process are not final. Our community team is doing the best to ban users that do not play fair or ruin the experience of others. However, we do not have a perfect system. So our appeals system was put in place to ensure that there are checks and balances regarding all and any bans, and to allow us to rectify any mistakes that may have been made. Recently, I have realized that this may not be enough. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the current system. We don't have an automated system to ban players who violate our Rules of Conduct yet. But in the future, our team will work with the engineering & platform team to implement tools and systems to effectively address the issues that could ruin anyone's experience in the game. We're currently designing the new systems. If a ban has been issued incorrectly, we will admit our mistake and lift the ban. However, it may take some time for us if there is no evidence to prove the banned user's point. We need to make sure by looking into in-game data. I apologize again if you have been frustrated with recent events or lack of communication. But it is our best interest to improve current systems to create a better environment for everyone and better serve our community. Thank you. Lead Community Manager Sammie Kang View original article
  21. Leaderboard Reset Update

    Players, Next Tuesday, August 1st, we will reset our leaderboard once again. Now that we are getting closer to launch, we will be resetting the leaderboards on the first of each month in order to test new ranking algorithms and ELO changes. All data from the previous seasons is saved, and while we don’t have a history system yet, moving forward we will enable this in the game and you can view your match records from the previous seasons. Each month, before the reset, we will have 24 hours of unranked matches as we backup, and update the leaderboard system. So, for this month's reset, it will work like this: On July 31st 02:00 UTC / 11:00 KST match data will stop being recorded. Any matches played after this time will not be reported to the leaderboard. From July 31st 02:00 UTC / 11:00 KST to August 1st 02:00 UTC / 11:00 KST the servers will be in UNRANKED mode whereby no match data is recorded. On August 1st 02:00 UTC / 11:00 KST the next season on the leaderboards will begin, and all match data will be recorded once again. We understand that these seasons may seem short, but for us to fully balance the ELO ranking system, we need to update frequently based on data from the previous seasons' rankings. See you in-game, PLAYERUNKNOWN (from http://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1451700696550878710) Update: Starting from now (11am KST July 31 / 7pm PT July 30), all servers will be in UNRANKED mode whereby no match data is recorded until August 1st 2AM UTC. View original article
  22. This week, we're keeping it short and sweet with Eugen, Adam and Baty, as the rest of the team got their hands full with work on major 0.63 tasks. Eugen actually shares more on why we've been quieter than usual the last few Status Reports, and sets some expectations regarding BETA release schedule. Adam is reporting on the ongoing tireless work of the environment team, showcasing some of their recent achievements, and Baty closes off with a little teaser of an upcoming live stream - along with sharing awesome community content, of course! Let's get to it folks. Contents This Week Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Adam Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen In BETA we trust, deliver we must. A catchphrase that I've seen on one of our whiteboards a couple weeks ago perfectly summarizes how we as a team feel right now. We know things haven't been perfect and that the experience that we wanted to provide has not always been consistent with our vision. Technology debt that we have been fighting held us in fairly firm grip where we quickly realized that providing short term solutions over and over isn't going to cut it. We had to rethink and go back to the drawing board multiple times to start making a fun game. We knew the solutions needed but the time investment was huge with lot of risks ahead. Which is where a lot of the development kept getting slowed down by the complexity of the engine changes that were needed, as well as unexpected issues that kept changing the landscape before us. It was a risky move that we hope will keep the game alive going forward and bring back those that might have been turned away by the state of the game. As we truly believe that what you players want and we meant to deliver wasn’t doable with the technology we had. There are players out there who are patiently waiting, while playing the game in a state that it is in now, others who wait for the full release or some who come back every once in a while to see what changed. Some are more invested than others, they read our channels, think about consequences of what we talk about, and some just want to see it in action. As the BETA is becoming a fleshed out reboot of the game all of us wanted, we plan to have a limited playable build at Gamescom this year. We're doing everything we can to make it available at the Bohemia Interactive booth for the visitors to try it out. The sole focus of this build is gunplay and player movement on an edited version of Chernarus prepared especially for the purpose of this demo. That is why a lot of our efforts have been looking at the flow of player actions, controls and consistency of their outcome. The team will be there in person to discuss the details with those interested. Feedback is the most important thing and we can't wait to see people play it and smoothen the rough edges. Now that also means that the next couple of weeks are fully focused on the content of the Gamescom demo, so that there are no major hurdles when fans in Cologne get their hands on it. All departments are trying to iron out the details as much as they can, so that we can have fun with in Germany. For the first BETA update itself, there is no release date yet. We don't want to let you down unless we're absolutely sure it's coming. The Gamescom demo work itself still counts towards the overall development of course, but we're not ready to put that version of the game on any of the public Steam branches - simply because the feature set of our demo will be limited and does not represent the complete DayZ experience. To finish things off, let's take a look at a list of things the team is tackling now: Programmers Weapon actions Vehicle controller refactor Basic state machines and script classes tweaks Melee combat preparation (programming wise) Central Loot Economy tweaks Physics and optimization tweaks New animation system for zombies Bug fixing Animators MoCap session preparation Animal animations Weapon animations Designers Melee combat (script wise) Aiming model Weapons handling Inventory UI refactor (crafting, character) Advanced placing system New player and item spawn definition Audio Sounds for weapon interactions QA Playtesting the 0.62 update Internal client stabilization New animations/weapons functionality testing Art Gamescom map preparation Old assets rework Fire mode selector for weapons Object layout for western region - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Adam As we mentioned in earlier status reports, our efforts on improving graphical fidelity does not end with the update 00.62. With such massive change for the environment that update 0.62 has brought, one of the most important things for us is to get the environment right color-wise. That means getting lighting config right and having all assets in our environment properly configured (material and texture wise). We have already released an update for grass color for 0.62 on June 21 and since then our environment designer Mark has been working tirelessly on another iteration, this time focused mainly on changing another important piece of this whole color puzzle - satellite texture. You know this texture very well, because it is the one that you see whenever you look into the distance (and also texture, that is commonly used on community-made maps, that helps you in travels through Chernarus). Since Chernarus was originally made for Arma 2 and DayZ version has been built on top of it, it also uses satellite texture from this version. The texture was unfortunately nowhere near to being consistent in the beginning (in terms of the way details were made or in used color pallete) and with the additional things added on top of it in DayZ (northern, western expansion, settlement rework,..), this problem was only deepened. With the update 0.62, we felt that it is the time we finally look at this problem and make sure satellite texture for the new Chernarus uses somewhat consistent color pallete and looks good both in old and new areas. This change was also particularly important for us with update 0.62 since satellite texture affects colors of grass and ground textures. Now, do not expect that suddenly, a texture that has 15360x15360 pixels will be great in every detail, but the work that has been done so far is a huge step forward and will be good starting point for any additions and improvements. BEFORE AFTER With satellite texture changes of such scale, another pass on colors of grass and bushes/trees was inevitable (to basically bring close and far LOD visuals in-line with colors on new satellite texture plus several issues with material configuration were also fixed). And since all that was purely a data change, we felt that it would be shame not to include it for update 0.62, too. And so all of the changes are now available on Experimental Branch for you to check out. And I do have also some bonus pictures for you this time - work has progressed on western border of Chernarus. Currently, detailed object layout is being worked on in areas west of Zelonogorsk. First two pictures show new settlement, called Zvir. Third shows Orlye ozero with mountain Velikyj Kotel rising behind. Now please keep in mind that content on these pictures is work-in-progress. If you want to read more about the planned changes on western border, check out the last status report. - Adam Francu / Senior map designer Dev Update/Community Spotlight Two weeks have passed and it is time again to take a look at what is happening in the community. At first, I would like to talk about an important event which is ahead of us this summer and that is Gamescom. We've been preparing for it for several months and it is very important to us, because we will meet you – the community, and at the same time, we want to show you something new. If you are planning to be at Gamescom, we will be glad to see you. You will find our booth in hall 10.1, where we will be among other Bohemia Interactive games. Also, for the Friday 25th, we are preparing a small meet & greet with developers, including small gifts for you. Cosplayers are welcome! We will tell you more on a live stream before Gamescom, which we are also preparing at the moment and which you definitely should not miss. Recently, I was playing DayZ when I got a message from streamer Issy telling me she can’t wait to show me what she made. And she sent a picture of shoes she painted in DayZ style! Simply awesome! I had to share that with you. When browsing through DayZ videos, this DayZ-inspired rap caught my eye, made by DayZ Standalone - Jiveturkey600. He created it on a request from one of the fans, who wanted a song from zombie point of view. Today I would like to focus on an international fan group on Facebook - DayZ Standalone Community, which has over 13000 members. People show off their accomplishments there, look for others to play with or share their own creations. It was this group where I found Mark Duncan Copland’s post showing postcards he receives from his friend Michael. It is amazing to see how DayZ became an important part of your friendship! Another thing that got my attention in this group was a bar in Birmingham, UK, run by Jessica Mitchel who, as a true fan, decorated the bar windows with DayZ style stickers. I would like to invite you to a RP event on the Aftermath server which will take place next Wednesday. What is it about? Scientists have been carrying out experiments on the residents of Svetlojarsk. Slowly the residents started to notice people becoming sick and ‘turning.’ Information was leaked to the residents that scientists were going to visit the city to see the final result. The remaining residents held a secret meeting, they bought weapons off the black market and planned to capture the scientists to demand a vaccine for their friends and family. Worried that there may not be enough to go around, the civilians not only intended to capture the scientists but also kill anyone else who knew about the virus! If the story got you interested, don’t not forget to sing up, because the server is whitelisted. You can find more information on their web pages. As a last thing, I wanted to show you a beautiful screenshot of the town of Novodmitrovsk in an unusual resolution made by Reddit user NeuroticEUROtic. It is definitely worth sharing! That is all from me for today. Make sure not to miss the next Status Report, where we will give you more information about the upcoming stream and Gamescom. Enjoy the summer! Header image by disastrouscluck. - Baty / Community Manager View the full article
  23. From the Steam Announcement: Players, In case you missed it last week, due to complications with a client crash bug last week, we need to push the monthly update to the 3rd of August. We will, however, have a small patch this week, which will mainly address bugs you have reported. We are also working on resolving the issues seen on the servers over the past week and we ask for your patience as we get them fixed. Early Access – Week 18 - Patch Notes Fixed a bug where characters got stuck in doors after partially destroying them Fixed a bug causing the door Interaction UI to appear even after doors were completely destroyed You can now use consumables after browsing the inventory during a reload Fixed a bug where characters could not pick up items while running despite seeing the looting animation Fixed a bug where characters would shake in spectator mode while running On August 3rd, we will be adding the following to the game in our monthly update. 1st Person server options are coming to NA and EU SOLO & DUO game-modes FOV Slider for the 1st person view will be added to the game A new rifle will be added to the game Today I also want to talk about character customization, our plans for Gamescom this year. We’re aware that many of you want new in-game skins to further customize your character. While we won’t be rolling out the full system until we move out of early access, we would like to provide more content as well as test the basic crate & key system we want to implement in the final version of the game. On August 3rd, we will be launching three new crates. All three crates will contain items inspired by the Battle Royale movie, some of which you may have seen in our older artworks. The first and second crates, named the Wanderer Crate and the Survivor Crate, will be free to open. Each of these crates will include one set of the themed clothing, on top of other cosmetic items. The third crate named the Gamescom Invitational Crate will have the most diverse pool of themed clothing. At Gamescom this year we will be holding our first offline Invitational. We will be inviting a group of the best BATTLEGROUNDS content creators, and run events each day for the duration of the convention. We will also be holding daily qualifiers so attendees at Gamescom will get a chance to compete in the GAMESCOM PUBG INVITATIONAL! We have implemented a very basic key and crate system for this test. You can use your Battle Points (BP) to buy the crate on the REWARDS page. While the Wanderer Crate and the Survivor Crate will be free to open, the Gamescom Invitational Crate can be opened with a key which you can buy for $2.50 each. Proceeds from the sale of the keys to open the Gamescom Invitational Crate will be used: To provide funds needed to organize the event To provide a prize pool for the invitational winners To support a selection of charities Once Gamescom is complete, on August 27th, the Gamescom Invitational Crate will be no longer available and removed from the game. We will then return to the free-to-open system. The Gamescom Invitational Crate, Wanderer Crate and Survivor Crate will be tradeable on the Steam Community Market going forward. Keys for a Gamescom Invitational Crate purchased on the Steam Community Market will still be available to purchase in-game. The GAMESCOM PUBG INVITATIONAL will be livestreamed on official PUBG channels. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more details over the coming weeks! Before I go today, here’s a look at movie inspired cosmetic items coming in these 3 new crates: Gamescom Invitational Crate Survivor Crate movie inspired skin Wanderer Crate movie inspired skin See you in-game, PLAYERUNKNOWN Continue the discussion here: View original article
  24. Desolation REDUX Patch Notes

    DesolationREDUX Alpha Release Notes v0.1.3 Client Files: -Added: Chemlight actions to player hip -Added: Holding action for camping light -Added: Power count to LiPo charged battery -Added: Location data export tool -Added: Inventory pictures for m500, mp40, axes, pickaxe, russian sights -Added: Code to prevent redux from being used on Taviana (stolen map) -Added: Admin menu UI -Added: Terrain Builder Tools -Added: Camo Hunting Rifle texture -Added: Nuclear plant cooling tower -Added: DSR_Chernarus port -Added: 6 new opened a2 sheds added to dsr_opened_buildings -Fixed: Hiking backpack pathing -Fixed: UH1H main and tail rotor blur -Fixed: Weapons config scopes -Tweaked: Zombie brain tweaked with new mechanics -Tweaked: Furniture proxies for dsr_opened_buildings -Tweaked: Mainscreen camera positions by Optix -Tweaked: Textures on workbench and lumber Server Files: -Added: Holdable items controller -Added: Variable for current open container -Added: Linked items added to list of addable items -Added: Admin tool plugin -Added: Zombie attack now shakes screen like bullet damage does -Added: PluginManager now has a config for custom locations -Added: Myshkino Tents location into CfgPluginLocations -Added: PluginManager Location data now syncs with clients -Added: NVG backend for powering them through batteries -Tweaked: Expanded attachToHand to include multiple hand support -Tweaked: Saturation filters to have less saturation -Tweaked: Damage reduction changed from 25% to 10% -Tweaked: Axe hit sounds distance reduced to 50m -Tweaked: Player sound on zombie hit distance reduced to 50m -Tweaked: Zombie Spawn radius is now 2x location size -Tweaked: DSZombz now waits until map edits have finished loading -Tweaked: Zombie agro improved and working with new brain solution -Fixed: Wall climbing -Fixed: Axe swing bug in fn_onSwing.sqf -Fixed: Script errors in new spawn region system -Fixed: Critical bugs with DSZombz -Fixed: Script error in holder additions -Fixed: Error with findSafePos -Fixed: Issue with updating vectors and position of objects -Removed: NameMarine from spawn location list
  25. Congratulations to Gambit, the winners of PGL Krakow 2017! They take home $500,000 of the $1,000,000 prize pool. This is their first Major title. Gambit came from behind to claim victory over Immortals. They lost Cobblestone(4-16) but then rallied to win on Train(16-11) and Inferno(16-10). If you missed any of the matches or want to watch the highlights, you can download all the games from the PGL Krakow 2017 tab in the WATCH menu. We’d like to thank all the teams, everyone at PGL , and most of all the Counter-Strike community for making this tournament possible. View the full article
  26. Recorded Kills - SNM July 22nd 2017

  27. Recorded Kills - SNM July 22nd 2017

    Good god, that's a long list. Had a lot of fun though. 10 of us run into Kamy then all hell breaks loose.
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