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HIHB Gaming DayZ Event Calendar

Event details

Event details

"Saturday Night Madness" is a server wide event that anyone can join in on.

This event will vary from static events, to moving events as well as other scenarios.

HIHB - Regular(US)

Server Event:

Saturday - 9:00 pm CST

4th MARCH 2017

Starting Map Location:



The Misfits Need to cleanse their souls after all their wickedness from the last few weeks.  So they have split into two Groups.  They will be converging on two separate locations looking to hold two churches.  Your job will be to stop BOTH groups.
Misfit Group 1 will be looking to take and hold the church in Gorka; meanwhile Misfit Group 2 will be moving to take and hold the church in Polana.  Both groups begin their journey from separate starting points and both groups movements will be announced until they take both objectives.  If they manage to take either or both locations, you will have until 12:00 AM CST to remove them!
Good luck.  To win, the Misfits MUST HOLD both locations at 12:00 AM CST


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