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Help Me ........ Errrrrrrrrggggggggg

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Mad took me for a run to Myshi Town and had to log due to RL, leaving a frightened and scared noob to his own just before server shut down, and all of a sudden the Experimental server was full of Squeakers. I logged myself for tea, and came back full of dutch courage, and the first thing I hear from half way between Myshi Town and Myshi Tents is 4 huge explosions ....... Bang ... Bang ... Bang ... Bang. I hit the dirt thinking someone is shooting me, I hear in the local microphone a faint call of panic "Help me!" then nothing. I run to a vantage view over Myshi Tents and using my Binoculars capture this beautiful picture of what apart from 'there but the grace of god goes I', and about 25 Zombies :P. 

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